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Weird Rainforest Vine DEFEATS Deadly Cancer

Two studies confirm that a weird vine from the heart of a South American rainforest can stop deadly cancer cells from growing and undo one of the most damaging effects of chemo therapy.

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The Turapür™ Elite

If you’ve ever taken a long flight or car ride, you know how tough it can be on your legs and feet.  The stiffness, swelling and pain can really take a toll. But being uncomfortable isn’t the worst of it — sitting still for long periods can cause deadly blood clots.  Fortunately, Italian researchers have […]

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Turapür Diverter

The Turapϋr fits on most standard-style sinks, but spray-style sink faucets require a special diverter Fits with most Moen, Kohler, or Delta sinks

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Turapür Countertop

With the Turapür Countertop two stages of filtration, you'll be able to transform average tap water into the antioxidant fountain of energy whenever you like.

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Can This Secret Help You Live to 100?

Researchers from University of Milan have discovered that an all-natural compound can help shield your body from the effects of oxidative stress and combat aging. Read on to discover more about this powerful age fighter.

Dementia REVERSED in 4 Weeks?!?

Recent Chinese research has uncovered two powerful compounds that may REVERSE the brain damage caused by dementia and could help you stay independent well into your golden years.

Super Drink Stops Infections, Fevers & Colds

Researchers from India have found that an all-natural compound can help boost your immune system and keep you from getting sick.

The 2-Second Test for Heart Disease (Do It at Home!)

Researchers have just found a two-second method that may predict heart disease YEARS before you experience serious problems. All you have to do is look in the mirror — at your ears, in particular. Read on to discover more about this easy method.

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Miracle Mineral Gives You “Bones of Steel”

If you’ve been taking calcium in hopes of keeping healthy bones, you could be wasting your time and money. Because as it turns out, there’s another mineral you should be taking if you care about your bones.

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Sprinkle THIS On Food to Stop Alzheimer's?!?

Getting older doesn’t have to be a death sentence for your memory. Because researchers from Temple University have just pinpointed one superfood that can help you fight Alzheimer's at its source.

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Chinese Secret Stops Varicose Veins

Researchers discover an ancient herb could be the varicose vein breakthrough we’ve all been searching for.

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Why Seniors Should NEVER Take Aspirin

If you’re taking aspirin, you need to read this. New research shows that taking aspirin ups the risk of fatal bleeding FIVE TIMES in certain folks. Read on to discover more.

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Miracle Veggie Destroys Diabetes

Swedish researchers have just found that a special compound in a common vegetable might just be the diabetes breakthrough of the future. Read on to discover more.

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ERASE Pain in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Getting older comes with its fair share of struggles but chronic pain could be the worst of the lot. Not only do those nagging aches and twinges throw a wrench into your daily activities, but they can also leave you dependent on dangerous painkillers. Fortunately, U.K. researchers have just found a dead-simple way to ERASE your pain in just 10 minutes a day.

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[Warning] Heart Meds Up Fall Risk

Let’s face it — falls happen. And while sometimes they cause little damage, many times taking a fall can result in a serious injury and loss of independence. So your best bet is to avoid anything that can cause one — wet floors, slick shoes and getting up too fast. But it turns out there’s something else that could set you up to take a tumble — your blood pressure medicine. Read on to discover more.

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Cancer Cure Hiding in the Produce Aisle?!?

Being diagnosed with cancer is no doubt one of the scariest things in life. And coming in at a close second are the sickening chemo and painful surgeries the mainstream offers to treat it. But you deserve a better way. And it looks like it could be hiding in the produce aisle of your local grocery store.

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Summer Grilling Mistake Can KILL

Summer is almost here. And chances are you’ve already fired up the grill a handful of times. But if you’re someone who likes to cook things “well done,” it may be time to reconsider. Because science now proves that… you may be literally cooking yourself to death! Read on to discover more.

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Finally! You NEVER Have to Skip Salt Again

If you’ve been skipping the salt — skip no more. Because according to researchers from the University of Southern California, there’s a tasty, filling way to enjoy your salt and keep your blood pressure in check, too. Read on to discover more.

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Big Pharma’s New Cholesterol Nightmare

Big Pharma’s latest cholesterol drugs may be the scariest yet. Read on to find out how they could affect your wallet and, even worse, your genes.

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Forget Your Prostate Problems For Good?!?

If you’ve suffered from prostate problems, you know what it’s like to spend your nights in and out of the bathroom just to find you can’t quite empty your bladder. Or not be able to finish 18 holes of golf without making a couple bathroom runs. Fortunately, our partners over at Gold Leaf Nutritionals have just put together a brand-new formula that can help relieve all your prostate issues. Read on to discover more.

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Stop Your Knee Pain WITHOUT Drugs

The only thing worse than having stiff, achy, arthritic knees is how your doc treats them. And for most of us, this usually includes dangerous NSAID painkillers that can ruin your stomach, kidneys and even lead to deadly heart problems. Fortunately, European researchers have found an all-natural wonder compound can treat those creaky knees. Read on to discover more.

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African Cure STOPS Prostate Problems

As we get older, multiple trips to the bathroom can become a nightly occurrence. And the urge to pee can come on so suddenly you’ve got to make sure your route to the bathroom is clear at all times. Fortunately, researchers have found an all-natural remedy that can help get your prostate back in check and help you get back to bed. Read on to discover more.

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Colon Cancer Breakthrough STUNS Scientists

Colon cancer is one of the toughest diseases around. What’s worse, it can return with a vengeance, even deadlier and more aggressive than before. Fortunately, doctors from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute may have just discovered that regularly eating one tasty food could prevent the recurrence of colon cancer. Read on to discover more.

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