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Popular Drinks DESTROYING Your Heart?!

The hot-shot scammers behind Big Food really, really want you to go on a diet – but don’t be fooled.

 It’s not because they care about your health or well-being…

It’s because they want to SELL YOU SOMETHING!

I’m talking gluten-free this… low-fat that… anything vegan, low-cal, low-carb, or sugar-free

(Labels they’ve have TRICKED YOU into thinking you need.)

Yep, the health-food business sure is booming, and mainstream shills know that many people will pay through the nose to be a part of it.

But now, I’ve got an iron-clad reason NOT to buy into the hype…

Because brand-new research has just revealed that one “healthier” alternative… a common swap made by MILLIONS every day… is secretly WRECKING your heart and UPPING your risk of life-altering stroke!

And ladies, you may be the most at risk.

Today, I’m talking about diet drinks– the artificially sweetened low-cal beverages that many people drink as an alternative to high-sugar sodas.

Sounds like a pretty smart switch, right?


In the study, published in the journal Stroke last month, researchers followed close to 82,000 postmenopausal women over the course of about 12 years.

Three years in, they asked the women how many diet drinks they consumed on a regular basis…

And while most of the women (64 percent) reported consuming zero or one diet drink per week, those who drank decidedly MORE (upwards of two per day) incurred TERRIBLE consequences.

In fact, women who drank the most had a23 percent higher risk of stroke… a 31 percent higher risk of stroke from a clot… and a29 percent higher risk of heart disease

But believe it or not, it gets so much worse.

Because they were also 16 percent more likely to die… from ANY CAUSE!

Due to the observational nature of the study, researchers haven’t concluded why that happens – or if we’d see the same results in men – but their findings aren’t completely unfounded.

Past research into artificial sweeteners has been mixed, but another study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2017, similarly found that they may increase risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

That’s why it’s never been more important to limit your consumption. I know how tempting the energizing combo of caffeine and sugar can be, but slashing your heart risk means skipping that diet soda… and saying goodbye to artificially flavored beverages.

Instead, try brewing up a nice cup of tea – hold the sugar – or adding flavor to a simple glass of water by tossing in some fresh fruit.

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