Civil War Cures DEFEAT Deadly Superbugs

You can’t trust mainstream docs to do a DARNED thing right, can you? 

Every time I think they’re about to catch on and change their ways, they find some way to disappoint me — and that’s especially true when it comes to antibiotics. 

Despite numerous warnings to stop prescribing these nasty little pills, docs are still handing them out as often as ever… fostering the growth of drug-resistant bacteria and deadly superbugs! 

Since their drugs are the problem, mainstream docs are practically powerless to stop it… 

But this fight is FAR from finished. 

Because Emory University researchers have just uncovered the bacteria-busting effects of three battlefield remedies natural cures used during the American Civil War… that BEAT BACK stubborn superbugs and STOP them from spreading! 

I’ll reveal how to get this protection for yourself in just a moment… 

But first, it’s time for a history lesson. 

See, during the brutal and bloody Civil War – widely regarded as one of darkest periods of America’s past – the biggest killer on the battlefield wasn’t some man with a musket. 

Oh no… 


According to the American Battlefield Trust, the “primitive nature” of Civil War medicine meant that most deaths resulted from non-combat-related disease – largely from untreated wounds and illnesses – and blockades from either side only made the issue WORSE. 

Cut off from contemporary chemical antiseptics (like iodine), soldiers were forced to investigate natural solutions… 

And more than 150 years later, scientists say that these impressive plants can fight drug-resistant superbugs! 

In a new study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers referenced a Civil War-era book of natural remedies and investigated the effects of three entries – white oak, tulip poplar, and devil’s walking stick – against drug-resistant bacteria. 

The first two, white oak and tulip poplar, are hardwood trees common to the South, while the third, devil’s walking stick, is a spiky shrub…  

And by the end of the study, all three turned out to be EXCEPTIONAL! 

White oak extract successfully inhibited the growth of ALL BACTERIA TESTED, including: 

  • Aceinetobacter baumannii (or “Iraqibacter”), which is often seen in the soft tissue of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, 
  • Staphylococcus aureus, the dangerous germ behind deadly staph infections, and 
  • Klebsiella pneumonia, a common cause of hospital infection and life-threatening pneumonia. 

Meanwhile, tulip poplar and devil’s walking stick extracts also performed well… with each one helping to BLOCK the formation of S. aureus biofilms, which work against antibiotics. 

In other words, they TORE DOWN the superbugs’ defenses! 

And these days, getting them is no trouble at all. 

White oak, the most impressive member of this bacteria-busting trio, is available in supplement form online or from your local vitamin shop. Look for it as a liquid extract or capsule from retailers like Swanson or Nature’s Way…  

And as always, talk to your doc about quitting any Rx you’re currently taking. Studies show that many antibiotics are often completely unnecessary… but they’re prescribed anyway! 

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