[Alert] Kitchen Secret POISONING Your Family

I bet you haven’t thought about lead poisoning in years… not since your kids were, well, kids.

Truth be told, I hadn’t either – that is, until the 2014 water-contamination catastrophe in Flint, Michigan made me sit up and take notice. During that time, close to 9,000 kids were exposed to damaging levels of the metal in their drinking water… and to do this day, the community still hasn’t recovered…

Now, though, I’m on RED ALERT!

And you should be too.

Brand-new research published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice has just revealed that we may ALL be at risk of lead poisoning… no matter where we live or how clean our water is…

Because something we use every day is secretly LOADED with LEAD!

Unfortunately, I’m talking about spices – substances like turmeric, cinnamon, saffron, and paprika that we use to flavor our favorite dishes.

As longtime readers know, many of these dish-boosting ingredients are absolutely RIFE with healthful benefits…

But none of that matters if they’ve been CONTAMINATED!

In the study, a 10-year investigation into sources of lead poisoning in New York City, health officials tested 1,496 samples of 50 different spices from 41 countries.

And they found that more than 50 PERCENT of the samples had detectable levels of lead!

That’s bad news when you consider that the only “safe” amount of lead is NO lead… and that exposure to the metal can increase your risk of developing hypertension, neuropathy, and renal dysfunction (not to mention how it can interfere with a child’s development).

But just wait – because it gets WORSE!

According to the study, 31 percent of the spices showed lead concentrations GREATER than the food-additive limit of 2 ppm (parts per million).

And some spices went WAY BEYOND… with the highest concentration (an ASTOUNDING 48,000 ppm) coming from a sample of kviteli kvavili, or Georgian saffron.

Other exotic imports didn’t do much better.

Researchers saw similarly shocking numbers from a wide variety of spices (including turmeric, paprika, masala blends, and chili powder) purchased from foreign countries…

And they ultimately concluded that items from abroad were THREE TIMES more likely to exceed the accepted concentration! 

The worst offenders were Georgia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Now, the difference likely occurs because other countries lack regulatory measures, but it could also come from producers adding lead as a coloring agent or to increase weight (thus making more money from weight-based pricing).

But don’t swear off spicy foods and well-seasoned meals just yet. The research indicates that there’s one simple way to minimize your lead exposure and QUASH your risk of harm…

All you have to do is shop smart.

The study found that spices obtained locally contained significantly lower amounts of the metal (averaging just 1.1 ppm) than products purchased abroad, so your best bet for staving off unwanted exposure is to shop domestic.

As a general rule, avoid buying spices online or while traveling overseas… otherwise, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a safe product.

Instead, opt for spices sold by major American brands (like McCormick) through reputable retailers. While the spices themselves may still be grown abroad, those brands will have the appropriate safety regulations in place to minimize your exposure.

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