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Miracle Food STOPS Heart Disease and Cancer

University of Illinois researchers report there’s one food you should be eating more of if you want to STOP heart disease and colon cancer in their tracks.

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When you think of a heart-healthy diet, it might make you a little sad. Images of leafy greens, steamed veggies and endless dinner plates of broiled fish might pop into your mind. And if you like those foods, more power to you. But if you’re like most of us and these foods don’t exactly sound […]

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[Alert] Stomach Pills Killing Americans?!

Common diarrhea drug could really damage your heart!


The Only Type of Milk You Should Drink!

Danish researchers have just proven that enjoying full-fat dairy can help protect you from heart attack and stroke.

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Eliminate Your Joint Pain in 26 Seconds!

Our esteemed colleague Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD, has just discovered the joint pain breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. And it stops agonizing joint pain in just 26 seconds! Keywords: joint pain, Easy Joint, camphor


Miracle Nutrient Gives You Bones of Steel

Researchers discover a miracle nutrient you should be taking if you want to have bones of steel… regardless of your age. Plus, it’s in some of your favorite foods.

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Melt Fat and Stop Diabetes With This Food Trick

Georgia State University researchers have just pinpointed the exact nutrient your body needs to help it melt fat and stop blood sugar problems without drugs.

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[Warning] Are You Taking These Two Drugs?

The FDA’s new watch list is dominated by two classes of drugs. Find out if you’re taking one of them.

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Food SWAP Slashes Cancer Risk

According to Harvard researchers, ditching the doughnuts and soda can do a lot more for your health… It can cut your risk of another one of America’s biggest killers, too.

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Don't Fall for This Calcium LIE

Chinese researchers have just uncovered one of the mainstream’s biggest lies. And it could be destroying your bone health.

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Diet Trick STOPS Arthritis

German researchers have just discovered that a simple dietary change can make all the difference when it comes to your arthritis symptoms.

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Two-Minute Miracle STOPS Cancer!

Finnish researchers have just discovered how to slash your risk of deadly cancers in just two minutes. Read on to discover more.

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Miracle Diet Keeps Seniors STRONG

According to researchers from University College London there’s one dead-simple way to combat frailty even as you get older. And it can help improve your heart and brain health, too.

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joint pain

Joint Problems VANISH in 1 Week?!

Because our esteemed colleagues at Solaire Nutraceuticals have just created a miracle joint supplement like no other. And believe it or not — it you can see REAL results in just seven days!

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Shut off Sugar Cravings for Good!

According to British health experts, there's one thing that determines the severity of your sugar cravings… and one surefire way to get rid of them.

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Kitchen Breakthrough Melts Fat and STOPS Diabetes

Top researchers from India have just found that a common spice could be the key to melting fat and stopping diabetes in its tracks.

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Weird Oil Boosts Heart Health

This weird-looking plant could hold the key to better heart health.

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Ancient Grain STOPS Aging and Weight Gain

Rutgers University scientists have just discovered that an ancient grain can help you fight aging and weight gain.

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These Superfoods CRUSH Cholesterol!

Italian researchers have just discovered that two powerful foods could be the best way to maintain and even improve your cholesterol well into your golden years.

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Superbug Epidemic Caused by Popular Sweetener?!

According to Texas researchers it looks like a certain sweetener could put you on the fast track to a deadly superbug infection.

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Mealtime Hack REVERSES Dementia

According to researchers from the University of California, it’s not just what you’re eating that has a major effect on your memory. There’s one more dietary factor that may make a HUGE difference in who gets Alzheimer’s — and who doesn’t.

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