Easy Food Swap PREVENTS Disease and Early Death?! (Study)

Dear Turapür Today eader,

If there was one word that summed up the typical diet of Americans, it would have to be SUGAR.

And with the rise (and convenience) of processed foods all around us, it’s not surprising!

In fact, studies have found that the average American eats over 150 POUNDS of sugar in one year…

And, nearly 15% of American adults’ total caloric intake comes from added sugars!

It’s no wonder this overabundance of sugar in our diets has led to increased cases of diabetes and heart disease!

But according to a new research study, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, just one simple food swap could PREVENT an early death… and slam the brakes on a number of diseases!

According to a study out of Massachusetts General Hospital, cutting 20% of sugar from packaged foods and 40% of sugar from beverages could prevent… 490,000 cardiovascular DEATHS…

750,000 cases of diabetes…

and stop 2.48 million cardiovascular disease events (like stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest).

Yes, just 20% is THAT powerful! Imagine what it could do for you.

Think about it for a second… if a food contains 40 grams of sugar, manufacturers simply reducing that to 32 grams of sugar could go a long way to keeping you healthy!

Researchers are now hoping to use this data to help guide and implement broader policies and regulations on how much sugar is used to make processed foods.

But that’s not something you need to wait around for.

This Food Could Be Growing Deadly Tumors

Are we literally FEEDING cancer cells by putting this one food on our dinner plates?

This is important. THIS one food could be growing cancer cells.

And here’s where it gets interesting… as soon as we STOP eating it, the opposite happens: cancer cells STARVE to death — and die out by the thousands.

Skeptical? See the evidence here.


Why Wasn’t This Reported on the News?

Scientists decided to see if they could rewind aging in 100-year-olds.

They gave a daily ½ teaspoon supply of a specific substance to 100-year-olds, to see if it would transform their bodies younger.

You’ll be FLOORED by what happened… Click here to see the result.

Bottom line?

Everyone over the age of 65 needs to know about this.

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This substance enhanced their cognitive function 25%… Increased their mental energy… Physical energy… And even gained muscle mass and lost fat.

We now know what this substance is and we reveal its identity right here.


That’s because there are simple steps you can take NOW to eliminate processed sugars from your diet, and put you on the fast-track to better overall health.

The single best thing you can do to eliminate these extra sugars is to do your grocery shopping in the outer perimeter of the store… and try your best to avoid foods in those ‘inside’ aisles.

The outside of your local grocery store is where you’ll find natural foods like meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruit… foods that don’t contain ANY added sugars.

But those inside aisles are where you’ll find all those processed foods that are usually loaded with added sugars.

If you do find yourself needing staples from those ‘inside’ aisles, it’s all about making smart choices.

One example is in the cereal aisle. Instead of grabbing a box of cereal, opt for plain oats. Top with fruit and you have a delicious, no sugar-added, bowl of oatmeal to start your day!

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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