The WEIRD Reason You Can’t Exercise (NOT Your Fault!)

We’re smack dab in the middle of January now… and if you’re anything like most people, there’s a chance you’re already wavering on those “new year, new me” fitness resolutions.

But don’t worry.

While exercise is undeniably important for boosting your health and improving your well-being, I’m not here today to pull you off the couch or order you up off your butt.


I’m here to tell you that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

Brand-new research out of Dallas, Texas, has just found that there’s something else going on here… something CHEMICAL… that’s PREVENTING you from achieving your exercise goals, no matter how much you may want them.

And here’s the gross part…

You’re EATING it!

The substance in question is inorganic phosphate, a Big Food preservative added to certain products to lengthen their shelf life and make them look more appealing to consumers.

Can you say “YUCK?”

It comes from the mineral phosphorus, a naturally occurring nutrient that the body uses to strengthen your teeth and bones – only it’s been so twisted and corrupted by mad scientists that it could be HARMING the body instead.

In the study, published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation, researchers divided a population of healthy mice into two groups. Both were fed similar diets – except for one thing. 

Mice in one group were given THREE TIMES as much phosphate.

And after 12 weeks, the differences were OBVIOUS.

Researchers saw that the higher-phosphate mice spent LESS time on their treadmill… took in LESS oxygen during what little exercise they got… AND showed REDUCED ability to burn fat.

I almost don’t know what to say here, I’m so shocked.

It’s like they were BRAINWASHED into not exercising…

What’s more, the same researchers conducted a separate study on over 1,000 healthy humans… but got similar results.

In that trial, they compared data collected from fitness-tracking devices against blood phosphate levels…

And HIGHER phosphate was found to correlate with LESS physical activity and MORE sitting!

While that second part of the study’s not perfect – for example, people eat who the most phosphate-containing processed foods may be less likely to care about health/exercise in general – it’s drawing important attention to an important issue.

Plus, it’s backed up by other data that shows a link between high phosphate and heart troubles down the line.

Right now, the federal government doesn’t require phosphate amounts to be listed on nutritional labels, so it’s impossible to calculate your intake – and many adults are getting THREE to FOUR TIMES the recommended daily amount.

On that scale, NOTHING’s good for you.

To minimize your phosphate intake and take important strides toward that “new you,” avoid the worst culprits – soda, packaged meats, frozen meals, and bakery items – and stick to eating fresh, whole foods.

Do you have feedback you want to share? Drop me a line: feedback@turapur.com.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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