Weird “Milk Trick” CUTS Heart Risk

Most of the time, we talk about cancer like it’s the scariest kid on the playground… the absolute WORST disease you could ever battle… 

And in some regards, that’s true. 

But as any doc (even mainstream drug-pushers) will tell you, there’s actually a BIGGER, SCARIER, MEANER bully lurking across the blacktop… and this one doesn’t want your lunch money. 

It wants your LIFE! 

See, the world’s leading killer isn’t cancer. It’s heart disease… and every year, millions of folks DIE from resulting heart attacks, strokes, and organ failure… 

But with what I’m about to reveal, you WON’T be one of them. 

It’s a safe, simple, and effective way to OVERCOME that schoolyard bully and DODGE deadly heart disease… and as breakthrough research shows, this weird “milk trick” could make your ticker 26 PERCENT STRONGER! 

I’ll walk you through the dairy details in just a moment… but first, here are a couple quick-and-dirty FACTS about mainstream “solutions.” 

  1. While high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and a history of smoking definitely increase your risk of heart disease, each of these issues can be REVERSED with a few lifestyle changes and natural treatments. But do mainstream docs use them?
  2. No. Instead, they toe the Big Pharma line and prescribe risky meds like statins or blood thinners, drugs that are infamous for causing diabetes, pain, and dangerous bleeds (among other issues).
  3. Often, these expensive meds don’t even work. Despite their rampant over-prescription, heart-related deaths continue to climb in the United States. 

That’s why you’re better off just drinking milk. 

In a study recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers monitored the dietary habits of close to 2,000 Finnish men (42 to 60 years old) during the mid-1980s. Then, they tracked each man’s health and catalogued whether they’d experienced a cardiac event (like a stroke or heart attack) for up to 20 years… 

And by study’s end, men who consumed the most low-fat fermented dairy were 26 percent LESS LIKELY to have suffered a heart attack! 

That’s pretty incredible, if you ask me… and it indicates that fermented dairy could STRENGTHEN and PROTECT your all-important ticker! 

And don’t let the name fool you, I’m not expecting you to chug down spoiled milk (even though sour milk was the study’s most popular source). 

“Fermented dairy” just means any milk product that includes beneficial cultures and bacteria (probiotics). On their own, probiotics have previously been shown to improve blood pressure and cholesterol (two common markers of heart health). 

Examples of fermented dairy include: 

  • Yogurt, 
  • Cheese, 
  • Kefir (an Eastern European milk drink made with kefir grains), 
  • Buttermilk, and 
  • Sour cream. 

You can find most of these at your local grocery store, but read product labels carefully before any purchase. The study’s heart-boosting benefits came from low-fat fermented dairy… and full-fat versions weren’t found to protect your ticker the same way. 

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