Weird-Looking Flower ERASES Anxiety

If you have anxiety, you know how easy it is for panic and worry to rule your life.

Racing thoughts and incessant nerves can sabotage your relationships with friends and loved ones…

Make it virtually impossible to concentrate on other things…

And even keep you up at night.

It’s just exhausting.

But soon, it could be easier than ever to BANISH those intrusive thoughts and catch up on some much-needed rest…

Because multiple studies have confirmed that one weirdly beautiful South American flower holds the 2-in-1 secret to ERASING anxiety and DEFEATING insomnia.

Once you’ve seen this colorful remedy at work…

You’ll never want to be without it.

The key here is passionflower, or Passiflora incanata, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because passionflower is closely related to the juicy and succulent passionfruit, aka Passiflora edulis.

They both come from a line of flowering vines native to warmer areas of South America and the southern United States, and both plants are famous for their vibrant colors and weird, tentacle-shaped petals.

Seriously… passionflower is super weird-looking…

But time and again, the research affirms that it has MAJOR benefits.

In a study published in the Journal of Anesthesia a few years ago, researchers tested oral passionflower extract against a placebo in 60 patients awaiting spinal anesthesia before an operation (an understandably anxiety-triggering situation).

They measured the patients’ anxiety levels, motor function, and blood flow before and after supplementation…

And passionflower actually REVERSED the increase in anxiety just before anesthesia.

In other words, the patients felt less anxious!

Impressive, because surgery causes a MAJOR spike in nerves for A LOT of people…

But the passionflower took care of it.

And that’s a finding that’s been backed up by animal studies multiple times now… with some going so far as claiming that passionflower has similar effects to mainstream meds and sedatives.

Experts say these calming effects come from an increase in the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (or GABA) triggered by the passionflower. From there, GABA inhibits other neurotransmitters that cause excitement – leading to less anxiety.

According to some studies, that process also helps regulate rest – making falling and staying asleep easier.

And you don’t have to trek though the tropics to get it.

Passionflower is typically available online or at local health food stores, and you should have your pick of oral extract or capsule forms – just make sure to follow directions on the package, as dizziness or drowsiness may occur. 

Or skip the passionflower and opt for a straight GABA supplement for an extra boost.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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