[Weird] Jet-Black Root ELIMINATES Arthritis Pain

On days like today, when you’d give ANYTHING to walk comfortably and take the grandkids trick-or-treating, it’s easy to feel sidelined by bum knee or stabbing joints. 

Instead of watching your young pirate or princess run wild (and sneaking a Snickers bar or two for yourself)you’re stuck at home… suffering from arthritis that just won’t let up… 

And no matter how many candy-seekers show up at your door, I bet it’s incredibly lonely. 

Well, friend, I’m about to put you right back in the Halloween spirit… 

Because recent research has revealed SPOOKY SOLUTION for stabbing joint pain! 

It’s freaky, jet-black root native to tropical Thailand – where it’s rumored to bestow supernatural strength and endurance – and according to groundbreaking research, this creepy-looking plant COMBATS the secret cause of osteoarthritis! 

Here, we know it as black ginger 

But in the jungle-filled tropics of Thailand, locals know it as “kra chai dom and they rely on it to keep them up on their feet during long, hard days of work.  

In some circles, it’s even known to be a potent aphrodisiac… capable of ramping up energy levels and ending male “performance issues”… 

And just last year, Japanese researchers found that black ginger BLOCKS the damage behind aching joints! 

In the study, published in the Journal of Natural Medicines, the researchers injected mice with chemicals meant to trigger the wear-and-tear damage of osteoarthritis. 

In humans, that results from years and years of overuse and stress on your joints, a process that triggers inflammation and eventually wears down the protective cushion (cartilage) around your bones.  

When that happens, your bones actually start rubbing against each other… CAUSING the debilitating pain and stiffness that keep you at home on the couch! 

Because there’s no known way of reversing this damage, mainstream docs stick to recommending painkillers and OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs… meds that can WRECK your heart, stomach, and liver… 

But you don’t need any of them. 

In the Japanese study, arthritic mice treated with black ginger extract experienced LESS pain and LESS damage to their cartilage! 

For you, that could mean REDUCED pain and GREATER mobility: taking your grandkids around the neighborhood on Halloween… running a short “turkey trot” race on Thanksgiving… or happily handing out presents on Christmas day… 

The possibilities are almost endless. 

According to lab tests, black ginger’s supernatural joint-soothing effects come from the plant inhibiting key enzymes (called MMPs, or matric metalloproteinases) that degrade cartilage and endanger your joints. Like “normal” ginger, it also helps tamp down inflammation in the area.  

And according to 2016 study, black ginger can also improve physical fitness and endurance… ensuring that you’re NEVER stuck on the sidelines again! 

To start reviving tired, aching joints – and get back on your feet – pick up a black ginger supplement today. Retailer Swanson offers a two-month supply for $15.99. 

Trick or treat! 

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