Fenugreek seeds

Weird Herb EASES Menopause Woes!

It’s easy for us guys to look at menopause as a temporary, one-time thing, something our wives and sisters go through once before – POOF! – they come out the other side feeling better.

But here’s what some of us forget…

It’s absolute HELL!

Too many women suffer from debilitating mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and headaches… and because every woman is different, there’s no telling WHEN they’ll finally subside.

That’s why I’m back today with a story for the ladies…

Because you deserve better than constant discomfort.

And now, research has revealed that thanks to one weird Asian herb – an exotic plant that ERASES your worst symptoms of menopause – you don’t have to deal with it ANY MORE.

It’s called fenugreek, or Trigonella foenum-graecum – and while the name sounds a bit outlandish, the seeds of this powerful plant have been used in Chinese and Indian traditions for centuries.

Modern scientists have since found that it tamps down inflammation, aids new mothers with nursing, and improves carb tolerance in diabetics… and now, they say it can make the effects of menopause DISSAPEAR.

In the study, published in Phytotherapy Research, Indian researchers identified 88 women experiencing life-altering post-menopausal discomfort and gave them either 1,000 mg of fenugreek extract or a placebo every day for three months.

It was a randomized, double-blind model, so none of the participants knew what they were taking, but by the end, I bet they could’ve figured it out…

Because the results were just that noticeable.

After just 90 days, 32 percent of women taking fenugreek report ZERO HOT FLASHES… while those still experiencing them reported a significantly lowered amount…

Plus, compared to the placebo, fenugreek was shown to improve measures of night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, and headache by more than 50 PERCENT EACH!

It also increased participants’ levels of estradiol, an estrogen steroid hormone that often plummets during menopause, by 120 PERCENT.

Frankly, that’s just amazing – and what’s more, it indicates that fenugreek may be a safe alternative to mainstream hormone replacement therapy, something that’s been linked to MAJOR risks and side effects.

Researchers weren’t certain what granted these amazing benefits, but given fenugreek’s noted effects on our bodies’ hormones, which govern “the change” of menopause, they’re hardly shocking.

So, if you’re looking for quick and easy relief from headaches, hot flashes, and more… it’s time to stock up.

While you might luck out and find fenugreek supplements at your local vitamin shop, your best bet is to head online – where you can easily get it from a number of reputable retailers. Piping Rock offers a 100-capsule bottle of 1,220 mg supplements for less than $10.

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