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Weird Cause of Depression REVEALED!

As we age, certain senses start to fade faster than others… and too often, your hearing is the first to go.

It can be frustrating — not to mention lonely — not being able to keep up with the conversations happening around you.

Knowing you’d be happier if you could only bump up the volume…

And unfortunately, that’s not even the worst part.

Because new research out of the University of Columbia has found that dramatic hearing loss can lead to MORE than just maxed-out TV volumes and critical closed-captioning…

It can CAUSE life-altering depression!

I’ll explain how in just a moment, but first, here’s what the researchers found.

In the study, published online in JAMA Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery, scientists analyzed the health records of more than 5,000 Hispanic adults over age 50, all of whom had participated in audiometric hearing tests (used to measure hearing loss) and been screened for mental illness.

And get this…

They found that those with mild hearing loss were almost TWICE as likely to develop depression!

While that’s astounding on its own, it’s NOTHING compared to people who showed severe hearing loss…

Because those folks saw their risk shoot EVEN HIGHER – revealing that they’re FOUR TIMES AS LIKELY to develop depressive symptoms.

Researchers attribute this dramatic surge in risk to the isolation that often accompanies hearing loss, because people with trouble hearing are less likely to seek out or engage in social situations – and may have difficulty communicating if they attempt it.

In turn, that can lead to many of the symptoms we associate with depression – namely apathy, loss of interest, boredom, and mood swings.

But don’t give in just yet…

Even if you or a loved one have already started to lose your hearing, a few natural substances have been proven to slow its progression or stop it entirely.

Consider taking a daily multivitamin that contains magnesium and vitamins A, C, and E.

The magnesium will help relax the blood vessels and get blood flowing to your inner ear — where sound vibrations are converted to nerve impulses — while the vitamins have anti-oxidant properties that can protect your ears from harmful free radicals. You can also opt to get those nutrients naturally by bumping up your spinach intake.

And if your hearing loss is a little different – manifesting as a constant hum or buzzing noise – try supplementing with pine bark extract or gingko biloba, which have been shown to ease tinnitus.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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