Weird “Brain Food” SLOWS Memory Loss

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

Years ago, you had the sharpest, quickest mind on the block.

You could remember dates and details from 20 years ago – and for better or worse, you never forgot a face.

Now, though, you walk into rooms without knowing why… you stumble through stories you’ve told a dozen times… and every once in a while, you draw A BLANK on old friends’ names.

It’s embarrassing and annoying… and some days, you worry you’re losing your mind…

But don’t worry, friend. That ends today.

There’s an amazing natural snack — something shaped exactly like a brain — that SLAMS THE BRAKES on memory loss and cognitive decline.

Hundreds of years ago, herbalists believed that since this food LOOKED like your noggin (having two halves, wrinkly regions, and a hard, skull-like shell), it could protect your mind and heal your head…

And now, new research confirms that it’s true…

Walnuts can GUARD your grey matter!

In the study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers out of the U.S. and Spain gathered more than 600 seniors and instructed them to alter their diets for two years.

During this time, half of the group ate walnuts every day, while the other half abstained completely – and at the end, researchers analyzed each person’s cognitive ability.

And in some of these folks… the ones who needed it most… walnuts SLOWED DOWN their brain drain!

These were folks who smoked and had less formal education than their peers – factors that contribute to memory trouble, lack of focus, “senior moments,” and dementia later in life.

But after two years of eating walnuts, these high-risk subjects saw their decline slow to a CRAWL!

For you, that could mean remembering names and faces LONGER… staying independent and in-charge BEYOND your golden years… or NEVER forgetting where you left your keys.

And that’s not all.

Previous studies have found that walnuts can fight cancer, boost good “gut bugs,” and promote heart health…

And many of these effects come from walnuts containing omega-3 fatty acids, which tamp down oxidative damage and inflammation throughout the body.

To see brain-boosting benefits for yourself, start snacking on walnuts throughout the day. In addition to being tasty, these nuts are high in protein and fiber, which will leave you feeling full long after you’ve eaten.

Just make sure to avoid overly salted varieties, snack mixes, and baked goods.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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