Weird Berry DOWNS High Blood Pressure!

As we age, our hearts get tired and have to work harder to keep our bodies moving and blood pumping…  potentially driving up our blood pressure… 

But at the first sign of an increase, mainstream docs JUMP to prescribe risky heart meds! 

This is SCARY…  

It seems like we can’t turn on the news or listen to the radio these days without hearing about yet another blood pressure medicine being RECALLED! 

Just this year, in fact, the FDA has issued FIVE recalls due to manufacturing contamination with cancer-causing chemicals… and many more could be on the way…  

But now, you don’t have to settle for scary mainstream meds.  

Researchers from Finland have confirmed that one weird berry defends against high blood pressure SAFELY and NATURALLY… slashing your risk for cardiovascular disease WITHOUT dangerous (even deadly) drugs! 

Native to North America, chokeberries may not be as recognized as blueberries, strawberries, or even acai berries, but they are making a name for themselves when it comes to protecting your heart. 

In a 16-week crossover trial, published in the journal Nutrition Research, 38 participants with untreated mild hypertension were given cold-pressed chokeberry juice (300 milliliters per day) and oven-dried powder (3 grams per day) OR placebo products for eight weeks each.   

Researchers monitored participant’s urine and blood pressure to gauge the berry’s effect… 

And the results were CLEAR!  

As the levels of polyphenols and metabolites INCREASED in the urine (from the chokeberry), diastolic and systolic blood pressure PLUMMETED!  

Plus, inflammation markers were also REDUCED… and that’s great news for your cardiovascular system, as inflammation is often related to heart trouble. 

Chokeberries are known for being chock full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols (plant compounds). Previous research has suggested these polyphenols may increase production of nitric oxide and relax blood vessels, leading to the berries’ blood pressure-lowering effect. 

Other studies suggest that their health benefits may be even more profound…  improving organ health, preventing diabetes, and even reducing cell damage associated with breast cancer. 

You can see why these berries are getting a lot of attention! 

In this study, Finish researchers used 336 grams of fresh chokeberries to prepare the product for the participants.   

It is easy to add chokeberries to your diet by simply eating them raw or drinking their juice, but be warned: These fruits have a unique, sour taste that might not appeal to everyone… 

Fortunately, they are perfect for baking. 

While many fruits lose much of their antioxidant benefits when they are heated, chokeberries have been found to be resistant to high processing temperatures — making them perfect addition to cookies, muffins, pies, and jams. 

You can find organic chokeberries online or at your local market, and look for a chokeberry supplement from a maker you trust. 

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