[Weird] “Ambrosia Vine” REVERSES Parkinson’s

Just a few years ago, it seems, you were solid and sure-footed… always in a bright, confident sort of mood and excited to stare down any challenge that came your way… 

But that was before Parkinson’s. 

Now, just shuffling around the house has become a chore (and a danger) as you try to stay steady on your feet… your hands tremble and shake and resist forming a firm grip… 

And your happy disposition has taken a major nosedive. 

It’s almost like you’re a completely different person… 

But with one South Asian plant, a sacred “ambrosia vine” hidden in the Indian tropics, you can finally UNDO every frustrating – and debilitating — symptom of Parkinson’s disease! 

I’ll tell you everything in just a moment… but first, you should know what this mystical “ambrosia vine” is up against. 

See, we just don’t know that much about Parkinson’s disease.  

Studies suggest that the tremors, mood changes, and dips in cognition likely come from certain brain cells degrading or dying off entirely – and when that happens, they stop producing a chemical called dopamine. 

Now, I’ve shared a little bit about dopamine before. That’s the neurotransmitter we most often associate with pleasure or reward… and when levels fall (as in Parkinson’s), it leads to problems with mood, balance, movement, and stiffness. 

In other words, that dopamine plunge is what triggers your tell-tale tremors and slowness – only, we’re not sure WHY that plunge occurs!  

Previous research suggests that it boils down to oxidative damage and inflammation in the brain, which slowly KILLS OFF those dopamine-producing brain cells…  

But here’s where guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) comes into play. 

That’s the mystical “ambrosia vine” I mentioned earlier… and in ancient Indian medical tradition, it’s one of three sacred “nectar” plants believed to infuse your body and mind with divine energy and strength.  

More recently, though, scientists say that guduchi can TAMP DOWN the inflammation behind Parkinson’s disease!  

In a new study, published in Neuromolecular Medicine this spring, Indian researchers simulated Parkinson’s in lab mice by injecting them with a brain cell-destroying drug called MPTP, which led to behavioral symptoms like we see in humans. 

Then, they treated some of the mice with potent guduchi extract… 

And the results were INCREDIBLE! 

By the end of the study, researchers observed that guduchi extract successfully: 

  • REVERSED mice’s behavioral changes, 
  • INHIBITED inflammation-causing compounds,  
  • RESTORED levels of inflammation-fighting compounds, and  
  • PROTECTED dopamine-producing brain cells! 

In other words, guduchi blocked the harmful inflammation behind low dopamine levels… helping to SAVE the mice’s brains from further damage and ALLEVIATE Parkinson’s symptoms.  

Just imagine your quakes and tremors fading away… your low mood suddenly SHOOTING back up again… your confidence rising as your mind clears… 

You might feel like your old self again. 

To feel these “divine” effects and BANISH disease, look for a guduchi supplement online or from a vitamin shop in your area.  

Brands Himalaya and Swanson both offer guduchi capsules for less than $20, but you can also find the plant in some immune-boosting blends. 

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