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[Warning] Popular Meds CAUSE Depression

Ask me why I’ve got beef with prescription drugs (and the mainstream docs who pass ‘em out), and I’ll roll out a whole list of reasons.

They can lead to life-ruining addiction… devastating heart and liver problems… dangerous bleeds… painful stomach ulcers… 

Even death.

Need I go on?

In many patients, they – quite frankly — do more HARM than GOOD.

And now, unfortunately, we’ve got to add another life-altering side effect to the mix.

New research out of Chicago has just revealed that a staggering number of prescription drugs are quietly ALTERING your mood, MESSING with your head, and GIVING YOU debilitating depression…

The worst part?

Most people don’t even realize it’s happening.

Here’s the hard truth…

In a just-out study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, researchers followed the medication use patterns of 26,000 adults involved in the National Health and Nutrition Survey.

The data spanned nine long years…

And by the end, researchers observed that up to ONE-THIRD of American adults may unknowingly be SACRIFICING their mental health to depression-causing meds.

Here’s how: The study found that more than 200 common prescription drugs – including blood pressure and heart meds, proton pump inhibitors, and painkillers – list depression or suicide as potential side effects.

And odds are good that you’re taking more than one.

According to the same study, about 15 PERCENT of adults in the survey were on three to four of these prescriptions at any one time… while another 9 percent were using two…

Bringing the grand total of people using MORE THAN ONE of these depression-inducing meds to a whopping 24 PERCENT.

That’s almost a QUARTER! 

And your risk shoots higher and higher with every Rx you add on… practically ensuring that you’ll start feeling depressive symptoms sooner or later…

Unless you quit while you’re ahead.

It’s never too late to talk to your doc about getting off one or more of your prescriptions. Talk to him about any side effects you’re concerned about – and don’t take no for answer if he pushes you to stay on one of his mind-altering meds.

As you’ve read here time and again, the alternative medical community is CONSTANTLY uncovering safe, natural solutions for what ails you – and because they come straight from Mother Nature herself, none of them pack nasty synthetic compounds or debilitating side effects.

Check back Sunday for an especially juicy find.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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