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[Warning] Popular Anxiety Med RECALLED

When you’re suffering from a debilitating mood disorder… like anxiety or depression… mainstream docs like to think they’ve got you all figured out.  

In their minds, it’s simple. Just whip out the ol’ prescription pad and scribble out a script for one of Big Pharma’s darling mood meds… case closed, money made. It’s that easy. 

But as many folks know all too well, these drugs often DON’T WORK… sending tons of desperate patients back to their cash-grabbing docs for ANOTHER prescription for ANOTHER drug… 

(A cycle most docs on the Big Pharma bandwagon are only too happy to continue…) 

And now, it turns out that one of the most popular anxiety meds around… a drug prescribed to more than 50 million people each year… is even WORSE than we thought. 

Because it could come LOADED with dangerous substances! 

I’ll reveal how to protect yourself (and ease your anxiety naturally) in just a moment – but first, there’s something important you NEED to know. 

In late October – just over a week ago – Mylan Pharmaceuticals announced a nationwide recall of one lot of drugs due to a possible foreign substance. 

The offending med? Alprazolam. 

That’s the generic name for Xanax, a benzodiazepine (a form of medical sedative) doled out to MILLIONS of anxiety-sufferers every year… 

And recall aside, this med is NO GOOD! 

Like other “benzos,” alprazolam is often prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders – conditions marked by excessive worry, fear, and panic attacks (rapid heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, sweating) – and it’s infamous for causing addiction or dependency. 

If that happens and you suddenly STOP taking alprazolam, withdrawal symptoms can be immediate and intense 

And if that’s not reason enough to avoid these (and other) mainstream mood meds, this recall reminds us that we often have NO IDEA what’s lurking in those pills! 

Over the past year, we’ve seen SEVERAL mainstream meds be recalled due to contamination or possible links to disease. Not too long ago, it was the heartburn med ranitidine (Zantac) being pulled from shelves over too-high levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen… 

Before thatit was the blood pressure drug losartan, which was also found to contain cancer-causing substances… 

And now, Mylan Pharmaceuticals says that the “foreign substance” in alprazolam may cause infection! 

Clearly, these meds aren’t as safe and reliable as mainstream drugmakers want you to believe… 

So, why keep taking them? 

Talk to your doctor about switching to safer natural solutions for what ails you.  

In this case, consider supplementing with green tea extract, rosemary extract, or Rhodiola rosea (golden root). All three of these remedies have repeatedly been shown to help boost your mood and relieve symptoms of anxiety, so look for them online on through your local vitamin store. 

For more specifics from the alprazolam recall (including which batches were affected), visit the FDA website – and as always, talk with a trusted physician before stopping any meds. 

Quitting “cold turkey” could trigger terrible withdrawal symptoms.  

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