[Warning] These Drugs GIVE YOU Diabetes

Believe it or not, you and your loved ones have been caught smack dab in the middle of a vicious war. Only, this war hasn’t been fought with soldiers or weapons of mass destruction… 


It’s been fought with research and data and WORDS – a heated debate between drug-pushing Pharma goons and those of us with our heads screwed on straight.

The topic? Statins… and whether they CAUSE debilitating diabetes!

We say they do. They say they don’t.

We’ve been at each other’s throats about it for years…

But now, late-breaking research from the tail end of 2018 has FINALLY given us the overwhelming evidence we need to TROUNCE the mainstream’s weak excuses and false defenses…

And it all comes down to FAT.

In a multi-faceted study, published in Cell Metabolism this past December, European researchers analyzed data from 8,500 patients, looking for the presence of something called brown adipose (or fatty) tissue.

Then, they compared those observations to which patients were on statins…

And found that the presence of brown fat PLUMMETTED in people taking one of these drugs.

This tissue type was only seen in ONE PERCENT of them!

Experts say that’s because statins limit the production of a metabolite (called geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate) that’s absolutely INTEGRAL to the creation of brown adipose tissue… effectively SHUTTING DOWN the “browning” process that converts it from white fat.

But here’s the problem… the brown is actually the GOOD STUFF.

Unlike its white counterpart, which is associated with reduced insulin sensitivity, brown adipose tissue regulates thermogenic (or heat-producing) activity in your body by converting sugar and fat into heat and energy – boosting your metabolism so you’re able to burn more calories while exercising or out in the cold.

Without that, you’re more likely to develop diabetes or become overweight.

The dots are so easy to connect… it’s a wonder no one made the connection sooner…

But now that we know – and YOU know – we both know what has to be done.

You’ve got to kick those statins to the curb.

Talk to your doctor about getting off these dangerous, diabetes-causing meds as soon as possible – and consider intermittent fasting, which can help your body convert white fat to brown.

According to a study published in Atherosclerosis last summer, the fatty acid butyrate may also help activate the process behind brown adipose. Look for it as a supplement — or eat more fiber and fuller-fat dairy to up your body’s natural production.

And give your doc a message for me…

War’s over.

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