Vitamin Secret STOPS IBS

If you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know how quickly it can take over your life. 

One moment you’re out to dinner with friends–and, suddenly, your symptoms flare up, and you’re either doubled over in pain or running to the bathroom.

And lots of the mainstream medicines out there practically shut down your immune system and leave you vulnerable to serious infections.

You deserve better.

So what if you could REVERSE the symptoms of IBS with just one little vitamin?  What would that mean for you?

Fewer bathroom breaks, doctors appointments, and embarrassing moments. 

Well, thanks to a recently-discovered secret, it may be possible.

The secret?

Vitamin D.

In a recent study out of University of Sheffield in England, researchers discovered vitamin D may play a key role in easing the symptoms of IBS.

The study looked at IBS patients and their vitamin D levels, and what they found was astounding.

All the IBS patients, regardless of location, were vitamin D deficient.

What could a vitamin D deficiency have to do with your IBS?

In a word, everything.

You see, IBS is an autoimmune disease.  So your body turns against you and attacks your gut, triggering runaway inflammation.

But one of the best ways to ease inflammation is vitamin D! When you’re not getting enough vitamin D, both your inflammation and your IBS are going to be worse.

The best way to get enough vitamin D is spending at least 15 minutes a day out in the sun.  However, if you’re deficient, you’ll need more vitamin D than that and will need to supplement.  You can purchase it here.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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