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[Urgent] The Dementia Disaster BREWING In Your BLOOD 

Over the years, I’ve warned you about TONS of dementia-causing dangers.  

I’ve explained how popping certain pills and eating certain foods can DRAIN your brain of precious memories… STEAL your ability to think clearly… and completely PREVENT you from focusing. 

Heck, last week I revealed that even DRINKING WATER can rot your brain… 

But today, I’ve uncovered the worst dementia risk of all.

It’s a silent and sneaky blood disorder, a subtle condition that looks and feels so much like “old age” that mainstream docs RARELY try to stop it – but if left untreated, this diagnosis could DESTROY YOUR BRAIN! 

You could forget your loved ones’ names and faces… lose DECADES of precious memories… and struggle with even the most mundane daily tasks. 

You might even forget who you are… 

And it all starts with anemia. 

That’s a condition where you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells circulating through your body, meaning that necessary oxygen can’t reach all of the nooks and crannies where it’s needed 

This can occur due to a variety of different reasons… but it’s usually from deficiencies in iron and other vitamins that our bodies need to produce hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that allows them to transport oxygen. 

Once you identify anemia’s cause, it’s usually not hard to treat… 

But since symptoms often appear mild (fatigue, weakness, cold hands and feet, and hair loss), docs rarely do anything to address the problem. 

Now, though, maybe they’ll FINALLY start to take notice… because your MIND is on the line! 

In a just-out study, published in the journal Neurology, Dutch researchers measured hemoglobin levels in thousands of patients without dementia and followed them over 12 years… 

And by the end, they saw something startling. 

Compared to folks with average levels of hemoglobin, low-hemoglobin (anemic) participants were 29 PERCENT more likely to have developed dementia! 

As if that’s not bad enough, many of these folks went on to develop full-blown Alzheimer’s disease, and researchers observed that anemic patients were also more likely to suffer cerebral microbleeds aka bleeding in their brains! 

The study suggests that these brain-draining effects come from low hemoglobin altering blood flow to the brain – something that’s VITAL for proper function – and the strength of white matter brain tissue. 

Fortunately, many forms of anemia are fairly easy to treat. 

Eating a balanced diet rich in leafy greens, red meat, citrus fruits, and nuts can help reverse the most common forms of this condition by replenishing your levels of iron (needed to make hemoglobin), folate and vitamin B12 (needed to produce red blood cells), and vitamin C (which increases iron absorption). 

Supplementing with any of these nutrients (available in capsule form from most vitamin retailers) can also increase your levels. 

For more serious forms of anemia – like those caused by chronic diseases, genetic disorders, or infection – a trusted physician can tailor a treatment/supplement regiment to fit your needs. 

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