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[Urgent] Is YOUR Prostate Med CAUSING Diabetes?

Guys, if you’ve ever talked to your doc about trouble urinating… be it trouble starting, constantly “feeling the urge,” having a weak stream, or visiting the restroom in the middle of the night…

I’m willing to bet you left with a lighter wallet and Rx in your pocket.

Docs like to do that – throw unnecessary meds at solvable problems – so I wouldn’t be surprised if you walked out with a little pill and the promise that it’d fix your prostate issue.

But now, you should really check your medicine cabinet… and DITCH what he gave you…

Because international researchers have just uncovered something HORRIBLE about popular prescription meds, drugs used by THOUSANDS of men for hair loss and enlarged prostate…

They may CAUSE life-wrecking diabetes!

I know. That’s a serious accusation – but trust me, the science is there to back it up.

In the study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers reviewed the health records of about 55,000 men prescribed 5-alpha reductase inhibitors over an 11-year period.

Those are drugs like finasteride (Proscar or Propecia) and dutasteride (Avodart) that are used to manage an enlarged prostate, and here’s where things get scary…

The researchers found that men taking these meds were about A THIRD more likely to develop type 2 diabetes!

That’s more than a 30 PERCENT increase in risk, and here’s what’s even worse…

When the researchers repeated this study with heath records from Taiwanese men, they got similar results!

If you ask me, that makes these meds practically CRIMINAL… because diabetes is hardly something to mess around with. That disease can fundamentally change the way you live your life – forcing you to watch what you eat and keep a constant eye on your blood sugar.

As if that’s not enough, diabetes is also INFAMOUS for increasing your risk of deadly heart disease!

And unfortunately, the correlation between prostate drugs and diabetes makes perfect sense.

Previous studies have suggested that since 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors work by reducing certain hormones, they may affect your metabolism and lower your body’s sensitivity to insulin (a hormone that’s VITAL for managing blood sugar)…

But you don’t have to accept those risks.

Natural remedies like Pygeum africanum and saw palmetto can help ease an enlarged prostate and restore proper urinary function. Look for them online or at your local vitamin shop.

And don’t forget – talk to your doc about DITCHING his dangerous Rx.

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