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[Urgent] Popular Drugs CAUSING Painful Kidney Stones

You know me. I’ll rail against dangerous mainstream meds until I’m blue in the face.

(Or at least until the mainstream FINALLY takes notice – whichever comes first.)

And that goes DOUBLE for prescription antibiotics…

Because despite numerous links to gut issues, secondary infection, and deadly drug-resistant superbugs docs are STILL handing them out at an astonishing (i.e. irresponsible) rate…

But that stops NOW.

New research out of Philadelphia has given us yet ANOTHER weapon for our anti-med arsenal… ANOTHER reason to say noto over-prescription… and this one may FINALLYmake mainstream docs see sense…

Because their favorite antibiotics could be CAUSING painful kidney stones!

I know, I know. To some people, that may not seem so bad. (After all, it’s “just” a kidney stone…)

But to people who’ve had one of these rock-hard deposits caught in their urinary tract, there’s no way they’re risking another — the pain is that EXCRUCIATING.

I’ve even heard it compared to giving birth… OUCH!

According to the study, published this past spring in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, researchers reviewed more than 20 years of medical data from 13 million patients in the United Kingdom.

From there, they identified 26,000 patients who’d received treatment for kidney stones and compared their medical histories to those of a population of control patients (who hadn’t been treated for a stone).

And the results were MORE than enlightening…

Because researchers saw that certain antibiotics drastically MULTIPLIED patients’ risk of developing kidney stones a few months later.

But here’s the really bad part: It wasn’t just a drug class or two… nope.

It was FIVE.

Drugs classified as sulfas, cephalosporin, fluoroquinolones, nitrofurantoin, and broad-spectrum penicillin all significantly increased patients’ risk… with the worst (sulfas) making kidney stones TWICE AS LIKELY down the line.

And the others weren’t far behind.

Even the tamest, broad-spectrum penicillin, was shown to up the risk a solid 27 PERCENT.

That’s just unacceptable…

And while experts believe the increased risk of stones is related to antibiotics altering our gut microbiomes, they still haven’t identified the exact mechanism behind it.

Fortunately, cutting your risk of developing painful, debilitating kidney stones is as easy as saying “NO.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, at least 30 PERCENT of all antibiotics prescribed in the U.S. are unnecessary– which means you DON’T have to be on them, and your doc SHOULDN’T be handing them out so easily.

Talk to him about getting off any drugs you may already be taking, and if he offers you any others this winter – be it for cold, flu, bronchitis, or a sore throat – turn him down and set him straight.

Those conditions DON’T respond to antibiotics, but the CDC reports that too many docs prescribe them anyway.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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