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[Urgent] Food Chemical Causing DEADLY Cancer

For what feels like DECADES now, mainstream researchers have been squabbling amongst themselves over a chemical called glyphosate.

That’s the main ingredient in Monsanto’s “cash crop” weed killer, Roundup… the same stuff that seeps into food farmed all around the world…

(Food your family EATS!)

And for years, mainstream bone-heads have been arguing over whether it causes deadly cancer, going back and forth and back and forth…

Well now, we may FINALLY have an answer.

Because groundbreaking new research from the University of Washington has just taken a FIRM stance on the issue, putting the FINAL NAIL in this weed killer’s coffin… and all I can say is…


In the new study, a meta-analysis published in the online journal Mutation Research, scientists reviewed more than 17 years’ worth of research into glyphosate’s effects.

They focused on human results (including a 2018 study of 54,000 pesticide applicators) but added a few animal models as well… and by the end of their review, they arrived at a sobering conclusion…

Glyphosate exposure can increase cancer risk as much as 41 PERCENT!

It’s a shocking number, I know.

Almost impossible to take in…

And what’s more, that doesn’t even take into account “green burndown,” a modern farming method wherein the chemical is dumped over crops just before they’re harvested…

Likely INCREASING the glyphosate residue found on our food.

(Nothing like serving up cancer with dinner, am I right?)

Specifically, the concern with this chemical is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that affects the body’s lymphatic system (in turn, part of the immune system) and is estimated to claim close to 20,000 American lives in 2019.

The disease has gotten a remarkable amount of press lately, as – get this – THOUSANDS of people are currently suing Roundup distributor Monsanto, attempting to hold the company accountable for their lymphoma.

And amazingly – the courts may be AGREEING with that analysis.

Over the summer, jurors ruled in favor of 46-year-old Dewayne Johnson, a former school groundskeeper diagnosed with terminal lymphoma in 2014, and ordered Monsanto to fork over a hefty sum of $289 million in damages.

It was later appealed and reduced to a cool $78 million…

But that doesn’t change the fact thatJohnson’s days are sadly limited. His trial was even accelerated because doctors feared that he wouldn’t live to see the proceedings…

And while the biggest cancer risk goes to agricultural workers who use this poison regularly, you’re not off the hook.

Aside from standard produce, glyphosate has been found in TONS of everyday foods. Beer, cereal, granola, wine, honey… you name it.

The only real way to limit your family’s exposure is to eat organic, as – by law – organic crops can’t be modified with these chemicals.

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