Urgent: Docs’ Advice CAUSING Painful Fractures?!

Talk to a mainstream doc about wanting to lose weight – be it for health or personal reasons – and he’ll spit out the same old mantra we’ve all heard a million times.

“Diet and exercise! Diet and exercise!! Diet and exercise!!!”

Yep, that’s been the go-to line for years. And while I can get onboard with being active and watching what you eat, the mainstream takes it to dangerous extremes… recommending that seniors SLASH their calorie intake and EXHAUST themselves with exercise…

But now, shocking new research confirms why that’s a HORRIBLE idea!

In line with my worst fears, this study reveals that mainstream weight loss methods come with a devastating hidden danger… a form of damage that WEAKENS bone and CAUSES devastating fractures…

And it’s all coming from your doctor!

In this jaw-dropping study, published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, scientists tested the effects of varying exercise and calorie consumption in four groups of lab rats. Some of these rodents were given regular diets while others were fed 30 percent less.

That’s the kind of calorie reduction most docs suggest for an average woman looking to lose about a pound per week…

But when mice on this diet started exercising (as virtually ALL mainstream docs recommend for weight loss), their bone health DETERORIATED.

Researchers observed that the one-two punch of calorie restriction and exercise led to decreases in both quantity and quality of bone…

Meaning that these mice not only had LESS bone, but what little bone they did have was WEAKER!

If you’re a senior, and you’re pushing yourself on the treadmill or elliptical every day, that’s obviously the last thing you want… because one misstep spell DISASTER.

Out of nowhere, you could suffer a devastating bone fracture or fall – injuries that have been linked to reduced mobility, chronic pain, loss of independence, and even early death.

And just think: It all comes from following the mainstream’s misguided orders!

During the study, calorie-restricted mice were given vitamins to bolster their nutrition, so these bone-damaging effects of diet and exercise likely stem from the calorie reduction itselfNOT any sort of malnourishment or poor food choices.

And ladies, natural bone loss may put you the most at risk.

Next time you want to lose a little weight or shed unwanted pounds, don’t go following your doc’s shady orders. Not only is it harmful to your bones, but it’s outright UNSUSTAINABLE – which makes it easier to fall back into old habits and actually gain weight.

So, ditch strict, exhausting, and DAMAGING “diet and exercise” in favor of walking for 30 minutes each day and choosing filling, nutritious foods – like fiber-packed veggies and lean meats – that digest slowly and keep you feeling full.

Over the past few months, I’ve also shared that a handful of snacks and supplements – like chickpeas, flax and chia seeds, garlic, and raspberry ketones — can help speed weight loss.

As well, make sure to get enough sleep every night and take measures to reduce stress, both of which can help minimize cravings and fat retention.

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