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UNLEASH Your Body’s Anti-Cancer Defenses (Here’s How)

Every day, mainstream cancer docs continue to pump their patients full of poison… satisfied with treatments that drain the life out of patients as long as it continues to fill their own pockets… 

But thankfully, more and more savvy scientists have turned their focus toward unlocking the mysteries of safer natural alternatives. 

And now, they may have FINALLY identified cancer’s Achilles’ heel! 

Recently, the journal Science published a paper detailing how researchers uncovered a unique plant compounda substance naturally found in certain vegetables… that REACTIVATES your body’s cancer-crushing defenses! 

It’s called indole-3-carbinol, or I3C… and while the science behind it can get a bit tricky, here’s the gist. 

In the study, lead researcher Pier Paolo Pandolfi and his team tested I3C in cancer-prone lab animals and found that it actually BLOCKED WWP1, the troublemaker gene that CRIPPLES a cancer-fighting gene known as PTEN.  

PTEN is your body’s natural tumor suppressor, a gene that helps prevent cancer growth and spread, and years of research have linked PTEN failure to increased cancer susceptibility and high cancer rates… likely because your defenses are severely reduced. 

You see, while each of us is born with two copies of PTEN (one from each parent), an inherited mutation in one may cause it to only work at a very low level… 

Allowing cancer to develop because our natural cancer-blocking shields are down!  

But not with I3C.  

According to the study, blocking WWP1 helps restore PTEN to its FULL TUMOR-SUPPRESSING potential… RELEASING the brakes on its anti-cancer activity and ALLOWING the gene to fight back. 

Plus, previous research has shown that high levels of PTEN may result in shrinking tumors in mice, confirming its disease-fighting ability. 

But there’s more good news. 

PTEN-releasing I3C is actually incredibly easy to come by, naturally found in cruciferous veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale! 

In other words, cruciferous vegetables contain the key to reactivating PTEN! 


Plus, cruciferous vegetables have long been studied for anti-cancer benefits – and they’re known to contain unique compounds like glucosinolates that can defend against the disease.    

So, make sure you’re eating lots of them! 

To get the level of benefit demonstrated in this study, you would have to eat a whopping SIX POUNDS of raw Brussels sprouts per day – fortunately, you can also find I3C supplements online from multiple makers. 

Retailer Swanson offers a two-month supply of 200 mg I3C capsules (with added resveratrol) for just $10, while Piping Rock offers a similar four-month bottle for just a few dollars more. 

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