Is Turapür Water Acidic?

Last week, I asked for reader questions about the amazing health benefits and functions of Turapür products.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Today, I’m going to answer a very important question from Turapür Today reader Wendy H. about pH testing:

I received my pitcher last week and went through all the steps to prepare the filter — I soaked in water, rinsed with cold water and then even did the vinegar rinse to make sure I was getting the most out of the filter. 

After I set it up, I used a pH strips to first test water from my reverse osmosis system. It tested acidic. Then I filtered some of it through the Turapür pitcher and it also tested acidic. 

 What’s up with that? I thought your filter makes water alkaline.

 Any ideas why I would get this reading?


Wendy H. 

Great question, Wendy.

In case you’re not familiar the difference between acidic and alkaline solutions, we will do a quick chemistry lesson.

pH stands for “power of hydrogen,” which measures the molecular hydrogen ions in a solution on a scale of 0-14. The pH value indicates if something is acidic or alkaline. Pure water, for example, is neutral — neither acidic nor alkaline — and has a pH of 7.

Anything that has a pH below 7 is considered acidic, and anything above it is considered alkaline. Acidic solutions give away hydrogen ions, and alkaline solutions attract hydrogen ions. It’s thought that drinking acidic water could have corrosive effects on the body, which include stomach problems and skin irritation.

Reverse osmosis can create acidic water because it can strip out minerals that help keep your water alkaline. So it’s not surprising to that you found your reverse osmosis water to be acidic.

However, since both the Turapür pitcher and countertop unit can help to restore the minerals stripped out by a reverse osmosis filter, it doesn’t make sense that you would get an acidic reading from water that’s been through a Turapür product.

This leaves two possible explanations…

The first one is vinegar.

Vinegar is an acidic solution. If you didn’t quite rinse all of the vinegar out of your filter or pitcher before testing its water, there is a good chance it would test acidic.

To remedy this, simply rinse your pitcher and filter again with clean, fresh water. Then try a retest. If all of the vinegar has been rinsed out, you should get an alkaline reading.

The other explanation is faulty pH strips.

Most commercially sold pH strips are designed to test water from pools and hot tubs. Because of this, the strips typically only test across a very tight range of pH. This means it’s possible for these types of strips to give you a false reading in drinking water.

Turapür filters produce alkaline water with a pH as high as 9.

In addition, Turapür products will add vital minerals like calcium and potassium back into your water, which not only helps alkalize your water but may also help boost your health!

Plus, the Turapür filters contain magnesium and tourmaline, which produce molecular hydrogen and reduce the oxidation potential in the water — making it a powerful antioxidant. Research suggests antioxidants can help give you energy, generate radiant skin and even help keep your joints healthy.

So be sure you’re rinsing those filters thoroughly in order to get the most power out of your Turapür. You can find helpful instructional videos on how to maintain your Turapür pitcher or countertop unit by clicking here.

Do you have questions about your Turapür products? Or their health benefits? Click here to drop me a line.


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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