Tropical Treat SLASHES Stroke Risk (Amazing!)

Reach a certain age or hit a certain weight, and your doc will start FREAKING OUT about your heart…

Ordering you on a strict diet and scribbling down prescriptions for nightmare mainstream meds.

Statins… blood thinners… you name it!

If it’s got a price tag, he’ll make sure you’re on it – all in the name of “preventing” harmful clots, high blood pressure, and a medley of other risk factors.

But don’t fall for his all-in Rx scheme… because now, you don’t need any of it.

Instead, revolutionary research out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham has revealed that one tropical fruit… a luscious treat that goes well with coconut and rum… can SLASH your risk of life-altering (or even life-ENDING) heart disease and stroke… 

Without a mainstream med in sight.

I’ll reveal what it is in just a moment. First, let’s make something very clear.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts… and this decadent island treat is absolutely loadedwith life-saving potassium.

That’s a mineral we often take for granted – even though it’s VITAL for everything from balancing fluid to tamping down excess sodium and protecting against bone loss.

But now, it’s never been more important to up your intake… because researchers say that this humble nutrient can help LOWER blood pressure and heart risk…

By making your arteries more flexible.

In the study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight, researchers split mice prone to artery hardening (or atherosclerosis) into three groups and gave them varying dosages of daily potassium. 

Mice getting .3 percent weight/weight simulated a low-potassium diet, while those receiving .7 percent modeled a moderate control diet. The final group, which got 2.1 percent, mimicked high-potassium intake in humans…

And after 30 weeks of supplementation, the results were TOTALLY CLEAR.

(Almost like the mice’s arteries…)

Because while low-potassium mice showed significant INCREASES in artery calcification and hardening, mice that consumed the most potassium reportedly INHIBITED those processes.

Plus, the same model showed a correlation between low potassium intake and stiffness in the aorta.

That’s your most important blood vessel, responsible dispersing oxygen and other nutrients throughout your body via your blood, and rigidity prevents it from doing its job – severely limiting your circulation and shooting your risk of heart disease and stroke THROUGH THE ROOF.

Fortunately, the study also showed that high potassium intake can help REVERSE this deadly stiffness and IMPROVE flexibility… two things that go a long way toward lowering blood pressure and shutting down heart risk.

And while a vacation might sound nice, you don’t have to hit the islands to grab the decadent treat that can make all of this happen.

Just head to the grocery store!

All this time, I’ve been talking about bananas.

Like I said, these babies contain crazy amounts of potassium – as much as 425 mg in one fruit alone – so chow down! 

The preparation possibilities are endless, but I prefer to stick with a classic… peanut butter, toast, and banana perfection.

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