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This Oil ENDS Cramps & Diarrhea (And MORE!)

Tell someone with irritable bowel syndrome that they’relucky” it’s not worse, and they’ll give you an absolute EARFUL. 

Sure, they might say, it’s not an immune disorder like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease)… but the cramps, diarrhea, and belly pain can be JUST AS BAD! 

Constant gassiness, nausea, and rushing to the restroom can disrupt important days and family events… and if you’re strapped to the toilet, you might even MISS THEM ENTIRELY! 

So, yeah, the condition won’t kill you… it won’t up your odds of colon cancer or permanently damage your colon… but it can still RUIN YOUR LIFE. 

Hardly lucky, if you ask me. 

But today, all of that ends… 

Because scores of modern studies have confirmed the pain-taming, cramp-erasing properties of a unique, all-natural oil that relieves some of the worst and most disruptive symptoms of IBS… 

And it starts working FAST! 

Before I tell you more, though, why would anyone call IBS-suffers “lucky?” 

Well, if they’ve got any manners at all, they wouldn’t… but the idea comes from the condition’s similarities to IBD.  

While IBS is thought to be caused by an immune dysfunction (which attacks and damages the colon and causes bad-news inflammation), IBS is usually triggered by “milder” factors, including: stress, hormonal changes, and certain foods. 

Because of that, IBS sufferers don’t usually see the ulcers and bleeding of IBD – and while symptoms like cramping and diarrhea persist, folks with IBS don’t experience any other long-term damage. 

Overall, it’s a less dangerous and volatile condition… but that doesn’t mean it’s any more comfortable. 

Fortunately, research has revealed that peppermint oil can relieve your WORST symptoms in a flash! 

In one study, published in the journal Digestive and Liver Disease, researchers recruited 57 IBS patients and treated them with either two enteric-coated peppermint capsules or a placebo every day for four weeks… 

And after just one month, 75 percent of participants saw SIGNIFICANT changes in their symptoms! 

These folks saw improvements in abdominal bloating and pain, diarrhea, constipation, and the constant urge to “go” – and other studies have shown similar IBS-easing results. 

In another, 90 people with IBS took three delayed-release peppermint oil capsules per day for eight weeks… and after two months, researchers found that peppermint LOWERED abdominal pain and IMPROVED patients’ quality of life! 

Plus, they reported NO significant adverse reactions! 

If you’re grappling with gut-wrecking IBS and nothing else has worked, give peppermint oil a try – but make sure any capsules you take are enteric-coated.  

This protective layer ensures that the capsule stays intact until it hits your intestines and DOESN’T dissolve in your stomach (where it can cause indigestion and other discomforts). 

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