This Cold Weather Trick TORCHES Body Fat (Amazing!)

Dear Turapür Today Reader,

Let’s face it. Sometimes getting exercise is the LAST thing you want to do.

And with cold temperatures right around the corner, it’s easy to use them as an excuse to skip your workout… or even your daily walk outside.

But what if I told you that the winter months could actually be the BEST time to lose weight and TORCH stubborn body fat?

Well, according to new research out of Austria, getting the body of your dreams – without any extra exercise – CAN be done in the dead of winter.

Here’s how…

We all carry two different varieties of ‘fat.’

White fat makes up more than 90 percent of your body’s fat depots – this is the ‘stubborn’ fat that typically sits in the abdomen, bottom, and upper thighs. And brown fat, which burns energy and also generates heat.

And according to a study done by the Medical University of Vienna, cold temperatures help your body MELT FAT by increasing your vitamin A levels.

You see, vitamin A levels help transform “bad” white fatty tissue into “good” brown tissue… which is BETTER for overall fat burning!

Now here’s how your body’s fat and vitamin A all work together…

In cold temperatures, your body distributes vitamins A to your ‘white fat’ and essentially turn it into the ‘brown fat’… which burns off more easily!

In other words, that jolt of cold air may not make you sweat on the outside… but it helps turn your body into a fat-burning FURNACE on the inside!

Now, a couple of important things to remember…

When it comes to vitamin A, it’s naturally produced in your body… so you don’t want to overdo by taking a vitamin A supplement. In fact, vitamin A supplements should ONLY be used under your doctor’s supervision.

And when it comes to exercise and cold weather… don’t go overboard!

There’s no need to go out and do your local ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ … simply taking a 15-30 minute walk on a brisk morning is more than enough to get your fat-burning going.

And as always, if you are exercising in cold temperatures, be sure to layer yourself with long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and a winter hat.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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