This “Banned” Food BLOCKS Deadly Brain Disease

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on meatloaf and brisket… perfectly cooked meatballs and bowls of piping-hot beef stew

And on especially good days, we celebrated with a plump, juicy, decadent steak dinner.

Those were some of the best meals I’ve ever had… lovingly crafted by mom before “going vegan” gained any traction…

And now? Eating beef feels like COMMITTING A CRIME!

In recent years, mainstream docs and fitness “professionals” have all but BANNED red meat… telling us that it’s BAD for our blood sugar and WORSE for our hearts… and ORDERED us to stop eating it.

But today, I’m calling BULL!

A pair of controversial reports have just confirmed that this “banned” food is not only COMPLETELY SAFE… but it can actually BLOCK a deadly (and disabling) brain disease!

In the first report, a dietary guidelines recommendation published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers reviewed several meta-analyses on red meat – and here’s what they found.

Evidence linking red meat consumption to cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes – all “dangers” touted by the mainstream – is TOO WEAK to recommend greater restrictions.

In other words, these researchers (from the independent research entity NutriRECS) concluded that you can KEEP EATING delicious steaks and juicy burgers!

Now, this conclusion has whipped up a FIRESTORM of controversy… including accusations that the researchers omitted important studies, misinterpreted data, ignored other dietary habits, and failed to disclose conflicts of interest…

But while it’s far from perfect, this review (and its AVALANCHE of aggravated feedback) sheds necessary light on the mainstream’s anti-meat bias.

Docs will swear up and down that red meat will clog your arteries and strain your heart… but they NEVER reveal its benefits.

As long as don’t go overboard with oily burgers and daily feasts, red meat can be incredibly healthy, providing essential iron, protein, zinc, and B vitamins – all of which are VITAL for keeping your body strong in your later years.

Plus, another recent study has found that red meat can BLOCK disabling multiple sclerosis!

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the worst diseases around, a condition where your immune system goes haywire and ATTACKS the tissue around your nerves… leading to heartbreaking declines in memory, cognition, mobility, and balance…

And in this study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Australian adults who adhered to a Mediterranean diet, including substantial amounts of unprocessed red meat, had a lower risk of cellular damage linked to MS!

Symptoms of MS vary widely — and to this day, there’s still no cure – but red meat could be the key to BLOCKING the disease and PRESERVING your mind!

So, stick to your guns and enjoy your steak – no matter what the mainstream says. Just be sure to choose organic, grass-fed meat so you’re not exposed to any nasty hormones or antibiotics.

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