This Ancient Brew REBOOTS Aging Brains

For many folks, getting older means weighing a little more, sleeping a little less, and LOSING the sharp mind you’ve always prized.

Seemingly out of nowhere, you might have trouble focusing or organizing your thoughts… vocalizing what you want to say… or REMEMBERING things knew by heart…

And when you tell a traditional doc about your concerns, he dismisses them as “just part of getting old.”

You deserve better. You deserve help.

Now, you can finally get it.

There’s an ancient brew, developed by Chinese healers during the Shang Dynasty, that can REBOOT your aging brain and help you SHIRK annoying senior moments…

And all you have to do is DRINK UP!

Today, I want to talk about tea.

In a new study, published in the journal Aging, researchers out of Singapore used magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) and other tests to scan and analyze the brains of 36 seniors – 15 of whom regularly consumed black, green, or oolong tea. Throughout these exams, researchers measured participants’ cognitive abilities and gathered data about their dietary habits…

And at the intersection of all of these factors, something incredible happened.

The seniors who drank the most tea… and had done so throughout the previous 25 years… showed more efficient minds!

Compared to folks who drank less tea (or none at all), these seniors performed better on tests involving memory, comprehension, and processing speed – and that makes perfect sense given what past studies on tea have already taught us.

In multiple trials, black tea has been shown to improve attention, alertness, and focus, while green tea has gained a reputation for tackling anxiety, depression, memory loss, and more.

Other studies have found that tea may even SLOW or PREVENT cognitive decline…

But the new Singapore study dove even deeper.

Scans of tea-drinkers’ brains revealed that their noggins were actually WIRED BETTER than their tea-lacking peers’! Different regions of their brains were interconnected in ways that other participants’ weren’t – ways that IMPROVED their ability to think quickly and clearly!

One of the researchers compared these connections to how well-organized roadways improve vehicle movement: When roads (neural pathways) are easily connected, vehicles (messages) can circulate freely and waste less energy…

So, if you’re brain’s wired right, you could think, process, and respond to things QUICK!

Now, the seniors who saw these improvements had been drinking more than four cups of tea per day for DECADES before the study began… but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t see similar changes.

Like I said, previous studies have repeatedly linked tea with improved cognition and mood – and it’s never too late to start sipping.

Look for any flavor of black, green, or oolong tea (the kinds consumed in the study) next time you head to the grocery store.


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