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The REAL Reason You’re In Pain (Stop It With THIS)

The curtains are drawn… the TV is off… and you’re plain exhausted…

Sounds like a recipe for perfect sleep, right?


Even under those comfy, cozy conditions, too many seniors toss and turn their nights away, DESPERATE to catch even a little restorative shut-eye.

And while we’ve already known that to do a number on your heart and brain, a pair of new studies reveals that the effect on your body is actually WORSE than we ever thought possible…

Because restless nights can SUPERCHARGE our sensitivity to pain.

 That’s right…

If you think your bum knee hurts now, just wait ‘til tomorrow morning…

When researchers say your pain could SKYROCKET.

I wish it weren’t true – we’ve all got even aches as it is – but the data doesn’t lie.

In one of the studies, conducted in a sleep laboratory, researchers kept a group of young adults awake through the night…

The results? Well, I’ll give you a line straight from the study…

“Sleep loss increases the experience of pain.”


Following the subjects’ night of ZERO SLEEP, researchers observed increased pain reactivity in their primary somatosensory cortexes, aka the first level at which your brain can perceive pain.

From there, your somatosensory cortex interacts with other structures to alter what we understand as pain.

It’s all very microscopic and jargon-y, but here’s what you really need to know…


More than that… it hurts.

These findings are backed up by a second study from the same researchers, wherein online survey-takers reported increased pain after a night of poor sleep.

And while the solution might sound simple – “just get more sleep” – the reality is far from it, because MILLIONS of Americans have trouble sleeping.

In seniors, the reason may be chemical — with many older bodies producing less of the “sleep hormone” melatonin that regulates your sleep/wake cycle — or due to environmental factors.

To get a little extra shut-eye, kick bad cellphone and tech habits to the curb, as the light emitted from these devices can wake you up more when you’re trying to wind down. In the same vein, take steps to keep your bedroom as dark as possible — and think twice before brewing up that afternoon cuppa joe.

If none of that helps, consider supplementing with valerian and that all-important melatonin. Both have been shown to have calming properties that can help you hit dreamland – and stick around through the night.

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