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The 7-Day SECRET to Happiness? (This Doc FOUND It!)

You don’t know when it started or why, but some days…

You don’t feel quite like yourself.

Maybe you mope around… drag your feet… start feeling down…

It’s enough to bother anyone – even if it’s not an everyday thing.

You deserve to be happy.

But don’t worry. You DON’T have to suffer any longer…

Because my esteemed colleague Dr. Richard Gerhauser has just unveiled a fast-acting formula that can BOOST your mood and DOUBLE your happiness…

Starting in just SEVEN DAYS.

It’s called SerenBalance.

And the secret behind its incredible “mood-lifting” ability is the unique combination of two substances that supercharge production of the “happy chemical” serotonin.

See, when you’re up there in age and occasionally complain about feeling “off” upstairs, most mainstream docs will explain it as your brain just making less serotonin – and while they’re partially right, they’re missing the big picture.

Because 90 percent of serotonin isn’t created in your brain… 

It’s made in your gut!

And that’s where one of Dr. Gerhauser’s secret ingredients – the probiotic LBM2 – shines.

LBM2 (Lactobacillus helveticusand Bifidobacterium longum) works by activating the amino acid tryptophan in your gut to help jumpstart the production of serotonin… and in a recent double-blind study of 66 adults, people supplementing with LBM2 reported feeling more positiveand excited about the future…

What’s more, their happiness DOUBLED!

They even showed reduced stress and higher problem-solving skills… almost like they could think more clearly again…

But Dr. Gerhauser and his team at Solaire Nutraceuticals didn’t stop there.

To give SerenBalance EVEN MORE serotonin-pumping power, they added a carefully measured amount of saffron, an ancient Asian spice that may well be the fastest mood-booster on the planet.

In 2013, researchers tested saffron’s uplifting abilities in a group of men and women with “the blues”… and after just 21 days of supplementing with the spice, they saw MAJOR improvement.

Participants reported feeling more relaxed… more confident… and just plain HAPPIER!

Plus, another study that found that saffron starts working in just seven days…

Meaning that you could RESET your mind and BOOST your mood in as little as just ONE WEEK.

And because Dr. Gerhauser and I work with the same parent company, he’s agreed to let you try SerenBalance absolutely RISK-FREE.

If you don’t starting feeling better – HAPPIER– almost immediately, simply send your bottle of SerenBalance back for a no-questions-asked refund.

Click here now to claim your supply of SerenBalance — and start feeling like yourself again. 


Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

P.S. Supplies are extremely limited, so don’t miss out! Click here now to try SerenBalance RISK-FREE.

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