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Tasty Juice Stops Arthritis AGONY (Drink Up!)

As sufferers know all too well, life with rheumatoid arthritis can seem pretty bleak.

It’s an awful autoimmune condition where your body’s defenses go haywire, causing constant pain, tenderness, and swelling around your hands and feet…

And with some of your most important joints out of commission…

It can be disabling.

Money-grubbing mainstream hacks will use that to sell you unnecessary disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and painkillers… and they could have you taking (and paying for) these meds FOR LIFE!

And for what? To just keep “managing” your symptoms?


Brand-new research out of Brazil has just proven that you DON’T need mainstream drugs to finally get real, lasting relief from RA… because there’s a CHEAPER, EASIER, and MORE LEGITMATE way to tackle your disease and BANISH your pain…

And all you’ve got you’ve got to do is crack open the fridge.

After that, here’s what you’re looking for…

Cranberry juice.

You probably know it best as the tart go-to remedy for urinary tract infections, or UTIs, but this simple beverage (available at any grocery store) can do much, much more.

In the study, a relatively small-scale operation published in the journal Nutrition, researchers from Brazil’s University of Londrina followed 41 women with rheumatoid arthritis for 90 days.

They instructed 23 women to drink half a liter (about two cups) of low-calorie cranberry juice per day and asked the remaining 18 participants to stick to their normal diets, monitoring their disease activity and symptoms along the way.

And after three months…

WOW. I’m just blown away.

Because members of the cranberry group not only reported reduced symptoms – fewer swollen and tender joints – but they showed DECREASED DISEASE ACTIVITY.

The cranberry juice actually affected the underlying disease itself…

With researchers noting lower levels of the antibodies that attack healthy cells and cause devastating damage and inflammation around joints.

Now, experts haven’t yet identified the exact mechanism behind this action, but they hypothesize that it may have something to do with cranberries’ impressive amount of antioxidants, particularly the flavonoid quercetin (which is known for tamping down harmful inflammation).

And you could see the SAME benefits for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier – and as you’ve no doubt seen – cranberry juice is a grocery-store staple, and you can find it practically anywhere. You might already have some at home!

If not, though, you’ll want to follow one simple rule while shopping: Watch the sugar.

Like most commercial fruit drinks, cranberry juice is often loaded up with a ton of additional sweeteners and sugar – so do you best to find it as natural and un-altered as possible.

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