Did COVID Trigger This Agonizing Condition? (Study)

It’s a condition that affects nearly 50 million Americans…  And nearly 30% of the WORLD population will experience some form of it during their lifetime.   If you deal with this condition, you already know that some days feel like a small annoyance… while other days it practically drives you INSANE!  There is a litany of...

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OTC Painkillers: A NEW Danger (Study)

If you frequently turn to – or rely on – over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers to ease your aches and pains… I have some bad news for you, friend.  Sure, OTC painkillers are convenient, easy-to-find, and probably give you a little bit of relief for your joints…  But the relief doesn’t last very long, which means you...

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Ear Trick STOPS Brain Drain (Wow!)

Let’s get something straight right off the bat…   Brain drain is NOT an inevitable part of aging, and any mainstream doc who says otherwise (or claims you’ll “get used to it”) is a flat-out FOOL.  Starting today, you can take the first step toward RESTORING the sharp mind and detailed memory you had years ago… because thanks to a pair of new studies, we...

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ear pain

Weird Cause of Depression REVEALED!

New research out of the University of Columbia has found that dramatic hearing loss can CAUSE life-altering depression! Here’s how to dodge it.

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