Ear Trick STOPS Brain Drain (Wow!)

Let’s get something straight right off the bat  

Brain drain is NOT an inevitable part of aging, and any mainstream doc who says otherwise (or claims you’ll “get used to it”) is a flat-out FOOL. 

Starting today, you can take the first step toward RESTORING the sharp mind and detailed memory you had years ago… because thanks to a pair of new studies, we now know a root cause of MAJOR brain drain… 

And better yet, we know how to FIX IT! 

It all comes down to one piece of incredible tech. 

I’m sure you’re curious about what it is… and I’m eager to tell you. First, though, I’ve got to walk you through the REAL reason your memory could be failing – and it’s not something inside your brain. 

It’s all in your EARS! 

In one of the new studies, published this past July, Japanese researchers analyzed survey responses from more than 130,000 seniors without dementia and found that self-reported hearing loss had a HUGE effect on three key lifestyle measures: outdoor activity limitations, psychological distress, and memory loss. 

That means that seniors who reported hearing loss were more likely to experience mood changes or have trouble shopping or traveling… and don’t even get me started on memory loss. 

Only 5.2 percent of people without hearing loss reported memory issues — but in folks with hearing loss, that number rose to an astonishing 38 percent! 

That suggests that more than ONE-THIRD of people with hearing impairments could be silently struggling to keep their memories and unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these kind of results.  

Previous research suggests that trouble hearing can actually SHRINK areas of the brain related to memory – plus, hearing loss may lead to communication problems, depression, and social isolation, which have all been linked to mental decline. 

No matter how you try to spin it, hearing loss is bad news… affecting HALF of folks over the age of 75 and potentially WIPING THEIR MINDS! 

But with a simple hearing aid, you don’t have to be one of them. 

According to the second new study, published earlier this month, this tiny piece of tech can CUT your risk of memory issues. 

In that study, researchers from the University of Michigan followed over 100,000 seniors with hearing loss for up to four years… 

And compared to folks who didn’t wear hearing aids, those who did were almost 20 percent less likely to develop dementia! 

They were also 11 percent less likely to develop depression or anxiety and 13 percent less likely to suffer a devastating fall… 

All thanks to a simple gadget! 

Now, I know hearing aids can be expensive (especially if they’re not covered by your insurance), but your memories are priceless.  

Talk with a physician you trust about improving your hearing – and preserving your mind – today. 

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