[Update] New Coronavirus Symptom Uncovered

Dear Turapür Today Reader, With the news on coronavirus changing by the minute, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain… but during these dark times, friend, it’s important to stay as informed as possible. That’s why I’m back today with an important scoop on a previously UNKNOWN symptom. It’s a tough-to-spot sign of coronavirus that most docs aren’t...

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“Taboo” Plant BATTLES Nasty Superbugs (And So Much More…)

Pull me off the phonograph and mount me on the wall, because when it comes to warning you about the dangers of deadly superbugs, I am a total BROKEN RECORD!  I know it. I’ll own up to it.   I’ve been blathering on about these drug-resistant germs for a while now… repeatedly stressing just how HEINOUS and HARMFUL these bugs really are… but until...

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sick man

[Alert] Controversial Meds DESTROY Your Immune System

On top of leaving life-ruining addiction and abuse in their wake, prescription opioids are quietly disabling your immune system and leaving you defenseless against disease. Here’s how to save yourself.

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Heartburn pills

Heartburn Meds Causing Deadly Infection (Seniors Beware)

British researchers have just discovered that these drugs come with a very serious — and often deadly — side effect.

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