heart problems

[ALERT] Popular Drugs BLOCKING Heart Recovery!

The latest research indicates that, in addition to upping our risk of devastating heart attacks, OTC painkillers are quietly INTERFERING in post-attack recovery!

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ear pain

Weird Cause of Depression REVEALED!

New research out of the University of Columbia has found that dramatic hearing loss can CAUSE life-altering depression! Here’s how to dodge it.

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[Urgent] OTC Meds CAUSE Deadly Infection

A group of American researchers have discovered that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are leaving us WIDE OPEN to DEADLY infection

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stomach pain

[Alert] This Belly Problem CAUSES Cancer

Find out more… before it’s too late.

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URGENT Warning for Arthritis Patients

Researchers have just found that taking certain arthritis drugs can send your risk of heart disease through the roof.

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Stop Your Knee Pain WITHOUT Drugs

The only thing worse than having stiff, achy, arthritic knees is how your doc treats them. And for most of us, this usually includes dangerous NSAID painkillers that can ruin your stomach, kidneys and even lead to deadly heart problems. Fortunately, European researchers have found an all-natural wonder compound can treat those creaky knees. Read on to discover more.

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