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[ALERT] Popular Drugs BLOCKING Heart Recovery!

I try to pack A LOT of useful, life-saving information into this newsletter, but if there’s anything you take away from reading, let it be this:


Of course, you probably already know that.

Mainstream institutions like the FDA have already owned up to the fact that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been liked to everything from deadly infection to stroke…

It’s hardly a secret.

But now, unfortunately, there’s something else you need to know…

It’s actually WORSE than we ever imagined.

Because the latest research indicates that, in addition to upping our risk of devastating heart attacks, these nasty drugs are quietly PREVENTING us from getting better…

By INTERFERING in post-attack recovery!

(Don’t think I’ve seen that one listed as a potential risk anywhere… have you?)

In the study, published in Life Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers pre-treated a population of male mice with 5 mg/kg of carprofen, an NSAID largely reserved to treat animals, over two weeks.

Then, they blocked some of the NSAID-treated mice’s coronary arteries… leading to the lack of oxygen that kills heart cells and triggers a heart attack.

And here’s where things start to get really hairy.

Because in “normal” non-NSAID heart attacks, recovery happens in two stages.

First, while blood cells rush into the heart muscle to clear debris and remove dead cells, causing inflammation. Then, the second stage involves relieving or dampening that inflammation, which would otherwise cause more damage if left unchecked.

But when NSAID treatment was followed by a heart attack in the study, something went VERY WRONG.

Compared to heart attacks without NSAIDs, these factors seem to have INHIBITED a key receptor involved in the removal of dead cells, leading to less clearance of the heart.

That, in turn, can cripple the organ and weaken your heartbeat – which LIMITS your recovery and ALTERS the rest of your life.

And in case you were looking for EVEN WORSE news, don’t worry.

Because even if you don’t have a heart attack, the study indicates that NSAIDs can trigger kidney inflammation and damage that organ as well.

Sounds lose/lose if you ask me.

But don’t be comforted by the fact that you’re not taking carprofen (also known as Rimadyl).

It belongs to the same NSAID class as ibuprofen and behaves pretty much the same way – the major difference being that carprofen’s dosage are different and safer for animals.

So, to cut your heart risk – and the risk of not recovering should something happen – you’ll want to ditch the NSAIDs entirely.

Instead, opt for natural ways to ease your pain. Resveratrol and curcumin (from the spice turmeric) are both known for easing aches by tamping down inflammation. Look for them in supplement form online or at your local vitamin shop.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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