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Sweet “Superbug-Killer” Works BETTER Than Meds! 

How many times this year have I warned you about the dangers of mainstream antibiotics? 

Ten times? Twenty? 

Well, whatever the number may be I’m STILL not through! 

Because despite NUMEROUS warnings to rein in over-prescription, mainstream docs are still handing these things out at the drop of a hat or hint of a sneeze… and it’s only making things WORSE! 

These meds are largely to blame for the rise of drug-resistant superbugs, tough-to-kill bacteria that no longer respond to mainstream meds…  

And now, people’s LIVES are at stake! 

Fortunately, UK researchers have recently uncovered a remarkable alternative for risky mainstream drugs… an all-natural superbug-killer that helps ELIMINATE stubborn bacteria… 

And the best part? 

It works BETTER than antibiotics! 

In their research, scientists from Wales’ Swansea University used lung tissue from pigs to mimic bacterial infections common in patients with cystic fibrosis. 

That’s a genetic disease that targets lung and pancreatic function, inhibiting growth and breathing and leaving folks WIDE OPEN to frequent lung infections. 

Left unchecked – or “treated” with ineffective antibiotics – these respiratory infections can often be DEADLY.  

But that’s without manuka honey. 

Made in Australia and New Zealand by bees that pollinate the region’s manuka bushes, manuka honey is reported to effectively heal wounds and ease inflammation… 

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This Food Could Be Growing Deadly Tumors

Are we literally FEEDING cancer cells by putting this one food on our dinner plates?

This is important. THIS one food could be growing cancer cells.

And here’s where it gets interesting… as soon as we STOP eating it, the opposite happens: cancer cells STARVE to death — and die out by the thousands.

Skeptical? See the evidence here.


And according to Swansea researchers, it may be the key to SQUASHING stubborn superbugs. 

Compared to standard antibiotics, they observed, manuka honey was an exciting TEN PERCENT more effective against drug-resistant bacteria! 

Plus, the honey actually helped the antibiotics themselves work BETTER, picking up the slack and helping to kill as much as 90 PERCENT of bacteria tested. 

And while – for obvious reasons – I can’t condone the use of EVEN MORE useless antibiotics, I’m really impressed by manuka’s anti-bacterial effects. 

This was just a preliminary look into the honey’s superbug-busting abilities, but it’s already backed up by several other impressive studies. 

In one, published in Microbiology in 2012, researchers concluded that manuka honey can inhibit the development of Streptococcus pyogenes biofilms (the bacteria behind strep throat), while another – published in 2014 – found that it can do the same for Staphylococcus aureas (staph infections). 

And unlike with antibiotics, there are no known cases of bacteria building up a resistance to honey. 

Next time you’re battling an infection, don’t let your doc pull out that Rx pad. Look for manuka online or from your local health food store – but make sure to glance at the label before purchasing. 

The major antibacterial compound in manuka is methylglyoxal (MG), but not all forms of the honey will contain enough for you to see benefits… so more MG is always better.  

A rating system abbreviated as UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) can help you identify the potency of each product. You’ll want to aim for more a rating greater than 10 UMF. 

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