“Super Nutrient” RELIEVES Cramping and Diarrhea

When you’ve got irritable bowel syndrome, constant cramping and diarrhea can make it difficult to leave the house, let alone enjoy summer outings with the family. 

Walks in the park become walks between bathrooms…  

Road trips run the risk of NOT finding a rest stop in time… and you can just FORGET about the beach.  

No restrooms? Uncomfortable bloating? I don’t think so. 

IBS can make you feel like a prisoner, like you’re chained just steps from a bathroom all the time… every day… every night… just in case!  

It’s lonely and restrictive… 

But get ready to BREAK FREE. 

A study recently published in Gut has revealed a safe, natural solution for painful cramps and debilitating diarrhea… a powerful “super nutrient” that SNAPS the shackles of IBS and RELIEVES your worst symptoms. 

I’m talking about glutamine. 

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our bodies. It is essential in many bodily functions — including gut health — but anything that weakens the immune system (stress, illness, excessive exercise) can DEPLETE our natural stores. 

From there, glutamine deficiency can turn a stomach bug into a relentless case of right-now diarrhea…  

But according to the recent study, upping your levels can REDUCE the severity of IBS symptoms! 

This eight-week study included 106 participants – men and women 18 to 72 years old – who were recently diagnosed with post-infectious diarrhea-predominant IBS following a stomach bug.   

In one group, 54 participants took 5 grams of glutamine three times per day, while the remaining 52 participants took a placebo… 

And the results were DRAMATIC! 

Members of the glutamine group saw an 80 PERCENT reduction in IBS symptoms – compared to a measly 6 percent reduction in the placebo group. 

And that’s not all… 

Glutamine actually NORMALIZED intestinal permeability, the ability to absorb nutrients and block toxins! 

That’s pretty amazing on its own… but glutamine doesn’t stop there. This “super nutrient” has also been shown to: 

  • PROTECT the mucous membrane of the esophagus and intestines (blocking bacterial infiltration during digestion), 
  • BOOST your gut’s immune cell power (helping to prevent infection and inflammation), 
  • SOOTHE intestinal tissue, and 
  • REDUCE intestinal spasms.   

Study participants took a high dose (5 grams three times a day) without any adverse reactions, but consult with your doctor before starting up on glutamine supplements. 

While glutamine supplements are generally considered safe, there are certain people who should not take them, including folks with kidney disease, liver disease or Reye’s syndrome, or cancer.   

You can find glutamine (also known as L-glutamine) supplements through online retailers like iHerb or at your local market.   

You can also simply up your intake of foods naturally high in glutamine — chicken, fish, spinach, dairy, lentils, beans, peas, and bone broth! 

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