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STOP Seizures… With Citrus?!

If you or a loved one struggle with epilepsy – a brain disorder marked by devastating seizures – you know just how UNPREDICTABLE life can be. 

One minute, you’re watching your favorite shows or playing with the grandkids, and all of a sudden – BOOM!your whole body’s shaking. 

Maybe you hear and see things that aren’t really there (or you lose those senses completely)… maybe you feel lightheaded or you black out or your heart starts to race… maybe your limbs start to jerk and flail without your control… 

It’s different for everybody (as are the long-term effects). 

But here’s the one constant: No matter your seizure severity, you SHOULDN’T have to suffer them! 

And now, thanks to a remarkable finding from South Korean researchers, you DON’T… because there’s a potent plant compound, a substance found in some of your favorite fruits, that can STABILIZE your brain and STOP life-altering seizures! 

I’ll reveal what it is (and where to get it) in just a few moments… 

But before I do, we need to talk about epilepsy. 

As your doctor may have shared, this neurological condition is defined by recurrent, unprovoked seizures that occur due to spikes in electrical activity in the brain.  

Depending on which parts of the brain are affected, seizures can range from mild (even pleasant) to severe… and while even sufferers say that these sensations are incredibly tough to describe, I’m going to give it my best shot… 

Most seizures involve: 

  • Convulsions (You lose consciousness, your body tenses, and then you exhibit fast flailing or “jerking” movements.) 
  • Muscle changes (either increased tension and rigidity or limpness), 
  • Sensory changes (hallucinations, numbess, hearing loss, vision loss), and 
  • Blackout (losing awareness or consciousness). 

Plus, after the event itself has ended, you can experience debilitating issues with memory, vision, brain damage, locomotive skills, and more! 

Fortunately, South Korean scientists say one impressive compound can help STOP debilitating seizures and STABILIZE your brain! 

In their study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, the researchers used a substance called kainic acid to induce seizures in lab mice. Then, they treated the rodents with hesperetin, a kind of flavonoid found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges… 

And the results BLEW THEIR MINDS! 

While previous studies have found that hesperetin can prevent oxidative stress (a common player in neurological disease) and convulsions, this report went one step further… 

Finding that the compound DELAYS seizure onset! 

Plus, hesperetin was found to inhibit the expression of inflammation-causing molecules – cutting inflammation off at the source! And here’s why that’s remarkable… 

Experts have recently argued that epilepsy may develop in part due to unregulated inflammation in the nervous system! Stopping it may well mean BLOCKING epilepsy and seizures… 

And incredibly, boosting your levels of anti-inflammatory hesperetin is super easy. 

Just pick up a few extra lemons and sweet oranges next time you head to the market. As members of the citrus family, these fruits (and related supplements) contain hesperetin in spades. 

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