Stinky Herb MELTS Extra Pounds

It’s easy to think of weight loss as a young person’s game.

The older we get, the harder shedding those unwanted pounds becomes…

Even though we’re practically STARVING and EXHAUSTING ourselves trying.

It’s just never enough…

At least, that’s how things USED to be.

But now, research has revealeda fat-busting silver bullet that MELTS OFF extra weight like its nothing… WITHOUT intense, body-aching exercise or a bare-bones diet.

And don’t worry, it’s not some laughable fad or bogus mainstream gimmick…

No, this stinky solution is something that every home cook already has on-hand.

I’m talking about garlic.

In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, Korean researchers fed a group of male mice a diet designed to cause obesity. Then, they exposed them to garlic extract fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Some of the mice got 250 mg doses, while others consumed twice that.

The study lasted eight weeks…

And by the end, the fermented garlic extract caused the mice’s fat to MELT AWAY.

That’s even putting it lightly…

Because the mice that got 250 mg doses lost a whopping 14 PERCENT of their body weight!

Just imagine how good you’d feel (how good you’d look) if there were 14 percent less of you… 

Heck, imagine 18 percent…

Because that’s exactly what the 500 mg dose group saw.

Almost 20 percent of their body weight – POOF!– gone in a matter of weeks.

The exact process behind these stunning results isn’t yet fully understood, but all of this matches up with what we already know about garlic’s extensive health benefits. 

Previous studies have shown this flavorful herb to do everything from tamp down harmful inflammation to slow plaque buildup in our arteries – all in addition to bolstering weight loss in both human and animal studies.

And what’s more, we already know that eating fermented foods helps regulate good digestion in your gut – which is essential for weight loss.

Fortunately, getting more garlic (fermented or otherwise) from your diet is just plain easy. 

You can add it to pretty much everything – from pasta to pizza to chicken and roasted veggies – and you can even ferment it yourself at home.

Just peel your garlic as you usually would for cooking and seal it in a jar with a simple seawater brine. Let your mixture sit for three to four weeks before opening.

You can also opt for an aged or fermented garlic supplement online or at your local health food shop.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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