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Spicy Secret MELTS Bladder Cancer (Wow!)

I wish I could log on today and tell you that everything’s right with the world…

“We’ve beaten obesity and child hunger!”

“We’ve wiped deadly cancer off the map!”

“Violence and crime are at an all-time low!”

But it’s not my job to lie to you. It’s my job to give it to you straight.

And while we may not have rid the world of cancer — yet— research out of Buffalo, New York, has pushed us THAT much closer, revealing that a handful of “hot” condiments can BURN UP and KILL OFF dangerous cancer cells.

I’ll tell you what they are in just a second, but first, I’ve got to tell you just howthey work.

In the study, a meta-analysis published in Current Pharmacological Reports, researchers reviewed DOZENS of studies into the relationship between cancer and organic compounds known as isothiocyanates(or ITCs).

And after combing through all of the data, they came to a resounding conclusion…

ITCs can stop the spread of bladder cancer!

Not only that, but they can keep it from EVER coming back.

According to one of the studies analyzed – an in vitro test published in Carcinogenesis– this occurs because ITCs attack the disease on two fronts.

First, they interfere with the cycle that allows cancer cells to multiple and spread, essentially HALTING the growth process…

And second, they induce apoptosis.

That’s the scientific term for “cell suicide,” when cells start KILLING THEMSELVES.

But wait – it gets better.

Because while all of this cancer-killing action is happening, the compound being tested (allyl isothiocyanate, or AITC) didn’t lift a finger against healthy human urothelial cells.

It was significantly less toxic and DIDN’T induce apoptosis in the healthy cells– something most mainstream cancer treatments can’t get right.

And thanks to a few favorite condiments, you can start BURNING UP bladder cancer by dinnertime.

Flavorful add-ons like wasabi, horseradish, and mustard all contain high levels of ITCs, but be careful before scarfing this stuff down. There’s a reason these foods are predominantly consumed as condiments for sushi or meat – they’re HOT, and their flavors linger.

If that’s not your thing, you can also get a healthy dose of ITCs from mild cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts.

Pick some up and get to chowing down.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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