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Soviet “Secret Weapon” Rebuilds Muscle (Fast!) 

When was the last time you felt comfortable hauling your grandkids over your shoulders… giving them piggyback rides around the living room… chasing them around the yard? 

When was the last time you felt CONFIDENT that your strength could support them… keep up with them… protect them? 

It’s probably been YEARS since you felt that kind of power and vigor… DECADES since your body naturally started trading muscle and strength for frailty and weakness… 

And maybe those kids you knew aren’t so little anymore.  

But now, thanks to a Cold War relic… a “secret weapon” cooked up by Russian scientists in the final days of the USSR… you can finally RECLAIM the muscle you’ve been missing! 

It sounds a little crazy, I know… but back in the early 1980s, Russian athletes were using this classified cure to perform INHUMAN feats and RIG the Olympic Games…  

And today, modern science reveals that this “secret weapon” can RESTORE and REBUILD seniors’ lost muscle! 

It’s called ecdysterone, an all-natural steroid found in plants like spinach – and back in the day, Russian scientists LOVED this stuff. They used it to enhance their athletes’ performance, and – who knows? – they may have even experimented with turning everyday citizens into unbeatable “super soldiers.” 

At the time, all we had were rumors. But now, the word is out… 

And in a recent study, researchers observed that supplementing with ecdysterone does indeed lead to HUGE improvements in strength! 

To test this, they recruited 46 young men with strength-training experience and put some of them on a 10-week weight-lifting regiment. Some of these guys took daily ecdysterone (via a larger multi-ingredient formula), and others took placebo pills. Meanwhile, another group of men took daily ecdysterone without lifting weights… 

And across the board, ecdysterone shined. 

Men who trained and took ecdysterone improved their maximum bench press weight by about THREE TIMES that of their placebo-using peers… increasing their maximum lift amount by as much as 20 POUNDS! 

Plus, guys who supplemented with ecdysterone even gained some weight… indicating that they started packing on more and more muscle! 

Even men who DIDN’T TRAIN saw slight changes in these areas… suggesting that ecdysterone supplementation may even build muscle without you lifting a finger. 

Just imagine that – sitting on the couch and feeling your strength return without A LICK OF EXERCISE! 

Sign me up. 

Experts say that these muscle-building benefits come from ecdysterone activating and interacting with key estrogen receptors – and while synthetic bulk-up steroids will yield uncomfortable and unseemly side effects (hair growth, voice changes, breast enlargement, and liver damage), ecdysterone is safe to use! 

This plant chemical may be included in some fitness vitamin blends or muscle-building formulas… but I think it’s best to go straight to the source. 

Spinach extracts and powders naturally contain high amounts of ecdysterone, so look for one from a maker you trust. 

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