How to SLASH Your Glaucoma Risk 74%

As you get older, glaucoma can go from a distant possibility to a frightening reality.

And while your doctor might be able to treat this terrible disease, there’s still a good chance it could leave you dependent on expensive drugs… or blind.

So your best bet is to never get glaucoma in the first place.

Fortunately, that just got a whole lot easier to do.

Because researchers from the University of California have discovered a dead-simple way to SLASH your glaucoma risk.

And all you have to do is enjoy a cup of one of your favorite drinks.

I’m talking about hot tea, and chances are you’ve been starting your morning or winding down your day with this tasty brew for years.

But hot tea isn’t just a way to better enjoy your day — it’s a way to improve your eye health, too.

In the recent study, researchers looked at the dietary habits and eye health of 10,000 people, looking for a link between hot tea intake and glaucoma.

And they most certainly found one!

As it turns out, folks who drink just one cup of hot tea a day can slash their glaucoma risk by an unbelievable 74%!

Just imagine what drinking two or three cups could do for your eye health!

Experts believe that hot tea is effective against glaucoma because it’s full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation — the key driver behind all disease.

The study didn’t specify any specific tea — all types should give you these incredible results.

If you’re not already a hot tea drinker, there’s no better time to become one.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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