vital rotundifolia

“Shoreline Cure” KOs Cancer Cells (Wow!)

For some patients, having cancer feels a lot like hitting the ring with a heavyweight boxing champion.  

No matter what you do (or how scrappy you think you are), the other guy is always BIGGER, BADDER, and fighting to WIN, and you’re stuck playing defense… dodging jabs and getting punched in the teeth until the ref calls time 

And when you head back to your corner (broke, bruised, and EXHAUSTED), things don’t get much better. 

Your mainstream oncologist – the guy coaching you through all of this – has no idea what he’s doing 

His idea of help involves prescribing more and more experimental meds, harsh “treatments” like chemotherapy and radiation that WEAKEN YOU and lead to staggeringly bad side effects… 

But I’m about to give you a fighting chance. 

A trio of recent studies has confirmed that one beachy plant, a shrub that grows along shorelines around the world, can KILL OFF deadly cancer cells… 

Effectively DOWNING the disease and SAVING your life! 

Researchers call it Vitex rotundifolia, but it’s more commonly known as chaste tree or beach vitex… and if you’ve enjoyed a trip to the beach this summer, you may have seen its bright-green leaves and blue flowers creeping up from the sand. 

Throughout coastal Asia and the Pacific, traditional healers have long used it to treat headaches, infection, and diarrhea and improve women’s reproductive health… 

And now, this shoreline plant may be what’s missing from your cancer care! 

In one study, published in Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences earlier this month, Malaysian scientists tested fractions prepared from beach vitex extract against human breast cancer cells… 

And they found that vitex actually INDUCED something called apoptosis! 

That’s the “cell suicide” I’ve told you about before, the process our bodies use to clear out old, damaged, or diseased cells. 

Put simply, it makes cancer cells KILL THEMSELVES! 

And other studies have gotten similar results. 

In two different trials — both published The American Journal of Chinese Medicine researchers out of South Korea tested beach vitex fruit extract against colorectal cancer cells to identify the action behind the plant’s anti-cancer effects. 

Previously, these benefits (including the induction of apoptosis) were attributed to the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), highly reactive molecules that may activate the signaling pathways behind cell suicide…  

But the South Korean researchers took things one set further. 

In their research, they observed that not only did vitex fruit reduce cancer cell viability and trigger apoptosis, but the plant likely achieved this by activating the protein ATF3, which suppressed Bcl-2 (a protein that fights apoptosis. 

Plus, the latter of the two studies showed that vitex fruit INHIBITED the division and growth of colorectal cancer cells, essentially BLOCKING the disease from spreading! 

Scientists argue that this effect comes from the plant interfering with protein structures involved in delicate cell cycles related to cancer’s spread. 

Look for beach vitex or one of its many vitex relatives in supplement form online or at your local vitamin shop. Many makers include this plant (usually referred to as chaste tree) in women’s health supplements, so that could be option for the ladies – but don’t worry, guys.  

You can also find vitex capsules on their own, available from retailers like iHerb and Piping Rock for less than $10 per bottle. 

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