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Secret CAUSE of Dementia – REVEALED?!

When it comes to keeping your mind sharp and your memory intact, you probably think you’re doing everything right.

Taking the right brain-boosting supplements…

Acing the daily crossword and challenging yourself with new puzzles…

It’s a phenomenal effort.

But now, a just-out study reveals that it may be for NOTHING…

Because Korean researchers have just uncovered a horrible hidden factor that’s UPPING your risk of memory loss, cognitive decline, and full-blown DEMENTIA… and it’s not in your noggin.

It’s in your MOUTH!

In the study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers dug through 10 years of health records from more than 250,000 Korean adults… taking note of lifestyle factors like medical history, past diagnoses, exercise, smoking, and more…

And they found a TERRIBLE correlation.

People with chronic periodontitis (advanced gum disease) showed a SIX PERCENT greater risk of developing dementia!

Now, six percent may not sound like much…

But with researchers estimating that more than 100 million people will develop dementia by 2050, I’d very much like my odds to stay as low as possible…

And that means AVOIDING gum disease in all its forms.

See, periodontitis is actually pretty common – and it’s one of the many reasons you should do as mom always said and brush your teeth.

It’s an oral infection that results from food and bacteria deposits on your teeth starting to form plaque, which breeds MORE bacteria and triggers toxins that cause inflammation in your gums (gingivitis).

Your dentist’s probably warned you about it before, because – left untreated – periodontitis can eventually DESTROY BONE.

It’s a nasty process, to be sure…

And even though the retrospective nature of this study makes it hard for researchers to declare that periodontitis outright causesdementia, the science behind that idea makes perfect sense.

As the researchers reported, bacteria from infected gums may enter the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier, triggering inflammation and allowing toxic protein buildup in the brain… INCREASING your risk of dementia.

OR the bacteria may trigger a body-wide response that sends inflammation-creating agents up to do their dirty work… again endangering your brain.

OR the bacteria may harm the lining of your blood vessels, something ELSE that’s been linked to toxins in the brain.

That’s THREE possible ways gum disease could damage your gray matter – so why take the chance?

Make sure you’re taking proper care of your teeth – brushing (for two minutes) and flossing AT LEAST twice a day – and talk with specialist IMMEDIATELY if you’re worried about gum disease.

It just might save your brain.

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