The SCARIEST Diet Advice You’ll Ever Hear

Happy Halloween! Want to know something really frightening?

The so-called health “experts” have a new diet they’re pushing. 

And it’ll leave you looking – and feeling — like a dusty BAG OF BONES, no costume required.

Are you ready for their “breakthrough” diet advice? 


These severe caloric-restriction diets have been all the rage over the past few years… but this one went WAY too far. 

In a recent study, UK researchers used 278 overweight adults to test using total diet replacement (TDR) as a method for treating obesity.

Here’s what that means… they were FORCED to replace all of their meals with bland soups, shakes, and bars that added up to just 810 calories per day.

That’s it! Just 810 calories a day – for WEEKS!

OF COURSE the TDR subjects lost weight – they were being STARVED with a diet that is in NO WAY sustainable. 

File this scary study under all tricks and no treats…

Obviously, we all know that not eating will trigger weight loss, but that’s a terribly unhealthy and radical way to go about it, because you’re depriving your body of the energy and essential nutrients it needs to function.

And if you’re a little older, this kind of deprivation is even more dangerous. Fasting or eating very little can wreak havoc on blood sugar. 

Instead, stick to a low-carb lifestyle like Paleo or Atkins that hinges on healthy fats while cutting out starchy vegetables and processed goods. Not only will it help keep your blood sugar in check while you lose weight, but it’s way easier to maintain long term than any fad diet. 

Add short daily walks to the mix, and those pounds will fall off even faster.

Nothing scary about that.

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Jack Taylor
Department of Research, Turapür Products

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