Savory Treat SAVES Your Mind?!

So-called “senior moments” got you down? According to mainstream docs, that’s just part of getting older… a totally “normal” aspect of anyone’s golden years… 

But to be quite honest, I think they’re NUTS! 

If you’ve been losing things (your car keys, your watch, your phone)… forgetting important dates… or getting lost en route to your favorite places… you don’t have to take it lying down. 

Because while mainstream brainiacs CAN’T stop or slow debilitating decline, new research has just revealed the tasty, all-natural snack that can. 

I’m talking about NUTS! 

In the new study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging in February, Australian researchers reviewed survey data from close to 5,000 adults over the age of 55 and kept tabs on their cognitive health and abilities. 

During the survey, participants were asked how many times they’d eaten nuts within the previous couple of days…  

And by the end of their analysis, researchers found something intriguing. 

People who reported eating more than 10 grams of nuts per day showed LESS CONGITIVE DECLINE! 

For you, that could mean the difference between firmer memories, quicker understanding, greater focus, and a faster mind later in life… and all-out DEMENTIA! 

And here’s the crazy part… 

That 10 grams? It translates to about two teaspoons per day. 

That’s practically NOTHING… not even a full tablespoon… but compared to people not eating nuts, that tiny amount may improve cognitive function by as much as 60 PERCENT! 


I’d almost be flabbergasted by this news… if it didn’t make perfect sense. 

In previous articles, I’ve told you all about how nuts are nature’s little body-boosters, capable of everything from fighting breast cancer (walnuts) to lowering blood sugar (miscellaneous tree nuts) thanks to a variety of different mechanisms. 

Typically, experts have attributed these effects to nuts’ high amount of healthy fats, important vitamins, and wellness-boosting antioxidants – and this study’s researchers have built off that list. 

In their report, researchers highlighted that peanuts may be especially helpful in fighting off brain drain and preventing cognitive decline due because they have potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities – addressing two big causes of decline. 

So, what’s left to say? GO NUTS! 

Next time you’re running errands or hitting the grocery store, consider picking up a bag of almonds, cashews, or peanuts. They all make for filling, nutrient-dense treats – great for snacking or adding to salads – but beware of unhealthy varieties. 

While trail mixes are certainly tasty, they’re usually loaded with sugary candies and other additives you want nothing to do with. Try to stay away from heavily salted varieties as well. 

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